Real Madrid two Mr. 20 million 1 1 training protestations of leave

Abandon will still make real Madrid top headache, made the little from the back on Monday as well as gamers las diarra training occasions.” Las still flee to real Madrid around the question of pressure within the holiday, 2 days later, on Monday, las original must have and royston drenthe, pedro P Leon together to real Madrid in sports city at 9 PM to training each morning, however, a past, las figure and didn’t come in baal Derby buss sports city. Clearly, las is by using working out mode, persecuted “allow him to leave real Madrid low cost. Real Madrid before give las marks the 20 million euro cost, but as to the he’s thinking about Manchester u . s . only quote us 11 million pounds. Real Madrid Leader Florence thinks Manchester u . s . who offers are not even close to enough, however, so everybody isn’t prepared to quote us high costs. It’s reported, now real Madrid to las standard of 18 million pounds, drop the cost than ever before two million pounds, the premier league tottenham hotspur and to las interested, however they offer may also not achieve 18 million pounds. On Monday, drenthe and pedro P Leon’s took part in working out. Royston drenthe practicing over two hrs, pedro P Leon practice to at least one p.m. did not leave. On Tuesday, abandon the and go back to Madrid will mourinho saw surface, initially jose mourinho wants him return in the states, but the entire process of cleaning with no he think well. Now, let these abandon will training alone, or attend the huddle, mourinho doesn’t have not to come to a decision. However, real Madrid are actually attempting to finish cleaning action. On Monday, real Madrid and getafe club again, and also the discussions, pedro Leon loan problems, arrived at a contract to getafe club will bear all salary, pedro Leon. Getafe club Leader fernando torres has additionally stated: “we’ve and real Madrid on loan, pedro Leon a season of problem agreement is arrived at, the finish of year, after getafe will also get the gamers preemptive right.” However, this operation can also be met the pile may be the greatest a block: this past year ten million pounds of transfer, pedro Leon declined to depart real Madrid. Due to this, torres demonstrated a careful: “we must make a move with pedro exchange, hope he is able to accept return on loan to getafe.” Although pedro P Leon continues to be states it doesn’t wish to leave real Madrid, however the marca “think, he finally I am afraid still need to yield towards the club’s arrangement, accept go back to getafe decision. Real Madrid getafe as well as anything will even, pick up to real Madrid match, pedro P Leon can’t debut. Simultaneously, accelerate to purchase the club villarreal condition from the pace, grain also valencia should also sign him. For 22 million pounds of high costs will card sola, after purchase to malaga than leah reais club aspire to introduce fabio grain to meet the increasing demand left by new card to depart. The following couple of days, villarreal will formally to real Madrid, but offer real Madrid and don’t wish to sell and growth potential from the condition, and it is only accept grain on loan plan. Real Madrid had desired to the premiership or even the bundesliga condition grain play, however fabio grain declined to simply accept towards the two premiership possible.

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