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Filed blue village, individuals are new, since it is blue smoke Jinan Railway and also the railway junction, and for that reason blue village is known for. However unintentionally, nowhere Village presently has a “Jiangbei first footwear” is becoming famous.

See this number of nowhere Village, an astounding shoe: the radius of 43.96 square kilometers of blue village, 1,600 shoe industrial facilities and labs spread throughout in shoe materials, shoe materials, shoe glue, shoe box, shipping and purchasers personnel as much as 3 million people produce only world-famous “Nike” footwear of Korean??? Qingdao Co., Ltd., footwear company and three ponds, it utilizes 9,000 people, a yearly manufacture of “Nike” nearly 8 million pairs of footwear million pairs of footwear every year a lot more than 6,000 cities and towns within the Blue was created, and after that released around the world within the group of production, processing and marketing within the shoe chain, driven by strong blue village maqui berry farmers per capita earnings over 10,000 yuan … ……

By having an indomitable blue village is placing, finally completed in the “ugly duckling” to “whitened swan” of evolution.

“Footwear nest” to “footwear”

“As much as 99 simply to walk lower to everybody Internet marketer.” Today, Blue Town, nearly half of people involved in the processing industries connected using the footwear. Before lengthy, nowhere Village, although not wonderful status for that shoes industry. SONG Bo Lan village party secretary, stated that whenever the village is called nowhere “shoe nest”, due to the fact the standard from the local shoe glue off, however, the “Blue Village Footwear” from the finish from the regular, open glue, sellers on the market continues to be and customers which are low-grade goods, wholesale cost per set of also 10 yuan.

Experienced enough and villagers started to understand the blue-important quality. Since that time, increasingly more from the shoes industry are beginning to utilise high-quality resin, while the development of new technology, new technology and new equipment, and frequently visited Guangzhou, Wenzhou along with other places to know market conditions, to understand advanced production and management experience, ” Blue Village footwear, “together with completely new alterations in share of the market jumped.

Concerning the famous Blue Lu village are available Huangjiabu, where nearly every open shoe, every street will shop, 85% of homes consume the “shoe diet.” The village has a lot more than 200 shoe factory, a lot more than 600 million pairs of footwear yearly. This past year the entire town blue 60 million pairs of footwear were created. Shoes industry has occupied 1 / 2 of nowhere village revenue, 34 million yuan each year in revenue. Blue village has turned into a real “footwear.”

Brutal competition on the market, therefore the Blue Village Shoe Company recognizes the significance of the company. They started to understand this chance to produce their very own brand. Within the investment process, nowhere Village, the development of technological difficulty-oriented businesses, to offer the “fertilizer by others, put their very own garden,” the reason. To boost the commercial scale and grade of items, their planning and construction from the shoe city, the reunification from the supporting infrastructure and services, has attracted 110 leather processing, shoe materials business large business in to the city. The city also generate a leather technology testing center, centered on marketing technology along with other new upper decorative techniques and new technology. Then, “Iga Arts”, “Taurus”, “handsome way” a lot more than 180 shoe brands for example flourishing can come out.

“Only by making certain quality, can’t hit nowhere Village brand footwear!” Today, increasingly more blue villagers be more conscious of product quality, be more conscious of the cultivation from the shoe brand.

Spring rain the following line too

“Blue Village footwear,” an upswing, character is inseparable in the local party committee and government to produce a favorable atmosphere for economic development.

Imported goods ended up being to someone in the household supply. Within the town party committee, underneath the guidance from the government, shipping companies emerged, and today is promoting a lot more than 60 shipping lines section and receiving system 24-hour, day and evening services to a lot more than 130 loader, could be “Blue Village footwear” moved towards the country .

A couple of years back, footwear, shoes homes outdoors the town of seven road transport, is really a sunny dusty, wet muddy grime road. Town a lot more than 3,000 multi-million funding for that shoes industry paved a cement road customers, would be the people referred to as “gold grow wealthy.”

Previously, the shoes departments met with staff on household head aches. Therefore the town party committee and also the functions “pledge”: not permitted under any title or business customers to arbitrary charges, fines, and levies, which lifted the to bother with families … …

“Blue Village footwear” to alter the fate from the Blue villagers. Reason to think the Blue villagers uses both your hands to produce a Jiangbei hard “footwear,” a far more brilliant future.

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