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Purchase of shares of Southwest Water, investment Northwest Cogeneration, GD Energy capacity expansion nonstop. GD introduced today a number of important projects.ts.

GD Energy, stated subsidiary country over River Company expects to get 197 million yuan in Sichuan Wave power Co., Ltd. 40% leather Shenzha stake. Information, Dadu GD holding company subsidiary, the organization holds 69% stake. Formerly, Dadu leather Shenzha company acquired 45% stake, expects to carry on to get this 40% stake. If think about the Dadu River Company acquired 85% stake in leather Shenzha and follow-up all of the capital investment energy station, the Dadu River in the organization require you use 1.136 billion yuan invested.

In comparison pre and post the purchase cost of these two shows, this cost had acquired 45% equity in comparison using the corresponding cost signifies reasonably limited of 14.59 million yuan. Companies have construed because the primary consideration within the Asahi Investment Company in early stage from the project’s contribution and the organization acquired a controlling such factors because the absolute.

Company stated the conclusion from the leather Shenzha buy 85% stake in the organization, the follow-up invested four leather Shenzha River Cascade Wave power Station. Observe that, leather Shenzha basin total installed capacity of 4 cascade wave power stations 423,000 kilowatts, the dynamic total investment of four.668 billion yuan project. 20% of all of the Investors in compliance using the capital ratio, would need a total injection of 934 million yuan, Dadu acquisition is finished, by 85% from the equity capital akin to an overall total 793 million yuan.

GD Energy Board views the current domestic and other alike scarcity of assets in Sichuan Province, leather Shenzha cascade wave power station adopts operation, through two estuaries within the regulating reservoir regulation, helping enhance the performance from the Dadu River Cascade Wave power regulation, so acquisition leather Shenzha River wave power projects, the introduction of the organization for that Dadu River is essential.

Leather Shenzha shareholding acquisition, the organization also brewing purchase Jiuquan, Gansu Province thermoelectric projects. Jiuquan, Gansu Province, Jiuquan City, the project is situated in Suzhou Industrial Park District (South Park), intends to build two sets 330,000 kilowatts of domestic sub-critical coal-fired direct air cooling heat tank, complete construction of heating network project. After completing the project, the development of warmth capacity of approximately 11 million square meters, and elimination of warmth around 285 scattered small central heating boilers, two models planned completion this year Two-cast. Wholly-possessed construction company, invested 558 million yuan needed, outdoors the main city simply by bank financial loans.

Firms that use the amount of hrs within the years to 5500 hrs, including tax coal equivalent unit cost 300 yuan / ton, the main city of 10% internal rate of return underneath the conditions from the project management software of tax Jiuquan average cost of 20.51 yuan warmth / GJ, control over tax is 267.60 yuan normally electricity cost / MWh, less than 276.5 yuan in Gansu Province / MWh benchmark cost, good economic returns.

Additionally, the GD warrants, “Condition Energy CWB1” positive right departure. Exercise period is May 17, 2010 to a 3 week period in buying and selling day. Each investor holds single “Condition Energy CWB1” warrants, the best from the right line to three.70 yuan throughout the time / share subscription cost of the shares 2.02 shares of the organization.

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