Punjabi Poetry Books- Portrayal of Punjabi Culture

Whenever we discuss Punjabi culture, many things arrived at our mind for example Punjabi music, cuisine, dance and traditions. Only one factor that’s simply memorable may be the poetry. The sophistication of the culture and it is influence can be simply observed in the Punjabi poetry books. Its history goes back to eleventh century when first literature was based in the fragments of old documents. Interesting? Let us search more about this and it is relevance using the huge Punjabi culture.

Punjabi poetry, in the nascent form, emerged under patronage of Shah Sharaf, Ali Haider, Shah Hussain and Bulleh Shah, as Sufi poetry. Within the time, it’s gone through several developments and just what we read today may be the modern poetry. The majority of the Punjabi poetry books are filled with wealthy traditional verses that bring the real Punjabi culture before you. It was initially designed in Mahajani Script, produced from Sanskrit, when there is no official script for Punjabi language. Afterwards, when second Sikh Guru Angad Devi Ji invented the script Gurumukhi, it gave a brand new direction to Punjabi literature and poetry.

A few of the eminent poets who’ve taken the Punjabi poetry to new horizons are Amrita Pritam, Mohan Singh, Pritam Singh Safeer, Bawa Balwant and Santokh Singh Dhir. Furthermore, a few of the eminent poets of contemporary era are Shameel, Harcharan Singh Gill, Parminder Musafir, Shiv Kumar Batalvi and Sukhwinder Amrit. Many of these have led to the introduction of Punjabi poetry books in their own individual ways.

Punjabi poetry began flourishing from the British Raj in India, which centered on Indian freedom movement and nationalism. The loan of adding diversity into Punjabi poetry books would go to Mohan Singh, Chatrik and Puran Sigh, whose poetry added a flavor of modernism, romance and Sensuality. Modern Punjabi poetry books clearly reflect the far lengthy journey through the poets.

A few of the popular and fascinating Punjabi poetry books compiled by these authors include: Kafian Bulleh Shah Diwan-e-Galib Kafla Turda Riha Kali Gaani Mitran Di Khamban wala Ghora Yadaan Di Mehak Bulleh Shah- Jeevan Ate Rachna Primary Te Primary Tere Te Mere Supne Panth Khalsa Zindabad Panj Nadian Da Geet

Should you have a keen take a look at these Punjabi poetry books, you will notice that how thoroughly these illustrate the Punjabi culture, background and reforms. Now if you’re keen to explore Punjabi culture, be sure to read these Punjabi poetry books. #######

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