PUMA’s sales promotion activities

As everyone knows, to be able to boost the product sales, every company has his special methods. They may be inspiring slogan, for example Hongxing Erke’s “To become No.1”, Lining’s “Things are possible”, Nike’s “Simply do it”, Adidas’s “impossible is certainly notInch.They may be attractive advertisement, for instance, inviting some stars his or her brand image. They may be symbolic logo design, and they may be substantial sales promotion activities along with other techniques. All they’ve done would be to make their items well-known by more and more people and boost the product sales. There’s the same for PUMA, also, he completed some methods to outlive in this time around full of fierce competition.

However, there is no alternative for Jochen Zeitz to handle guerrilla marketing t as he required over PUMA. In 1993, PUMA’s financial loss came to $ 32 million. Underneath the huge pressure, Zeitz are only able to be turned to lay offs and reduced marketing costs along with other measures to resolve this issue. Next, the surprising investment return made Zeitz determine revisit guerrilla marketing tactics ultimately.

Not the same as other competitors’ large opportunities on advertising and publicizing, Puma put limited marketing funds right into a low-cost and inventive guerrilla marketing activities. In 2002, Puma’s advertising expenses within the U . s . States is just 3.9 million yuan, far under individuals of Nike and Reebok along with other rivals.

In nov 2002, Puma backed a sports footwear design contest named Thrift, participants which are a few avant-garde designers. Designers must make use of the old t shirts, pants, ties and purses along with other recycleables to create sports footwear. The organization will produce 510 pairs of footwear known as “sports footwear with spirit.” These special edition items were searched for by many people enthusiasts, The cost of every set of footwear was up to 250 dollars, plus some were even collected through the London Art Museum.

In 2002, throughout the planet Cup in Japan and Columbia, other sports brands grabbed this rare chance, and spent countless money to get the official sponsorship and sign an agreement with stars. While Puma didn’t follow this kind of uncreative action, but signed a sponsorship contract with Jamaica, Tunisia plus some other African football teams. Similarly, these African teams carried out wonderfully and caught much attention from audience and media. Wha’s more, their sponsorship costs tend to be less than the large teams. However, Zeitz stated, Jamaica’s and Tunisia’s athletes’ figures have been in compliance with Puma’s brand image. Because sports are not only seen just bloodstream, sweat and tears, but additionally an enjoyment that never ceases.

Throughout the planet Cup in Japan and Columbia in 2002, Puma has additionally organized a pr activities titled “Shudoh” (meaning the methods to become who owns football). Besides, Puma asked the famous Japanese chef Masaharu Morimoto to particularly design a sushi roll for that World Cup, which may be provided in main metropolitan areas all over the world(including New You are able to, London, Sydney along with other important market) and regard as the most typical meals throughout the planet Cup. Throughout that point, if football fans chose this dish inside a restaurant, they’ll be furthermore offered the chopsticks with printed Puma Logo design, Japanese saki glass and napkin, plus they can take part in activities, for example, sushi making competition.

Jochen Zeitz stated: “Ought to be fact, People in america aren’t particularly thinking about football match, what really attract them is these pr activities, which derive from the ‘Japanese lifestyle’ because the primary feature. And individuals feel these activities are extremely fresh and fascinating. Additionally, it can make our brand completely different from other brands.

With the above methods, PUMA not just solve his financial problem, but additionally flourish in the fierce competition.

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