Proud to become British, Proud to visit global

Probably the most inclusive opening ceremony within my lifetime, lower towards the lighting from the flame- (Online blog reaction to the Olympic opening ceremony, 28/07/12)

For me personally, last weekend’s Olympic opening ceremony been successful when you are unapologetically British in tone and content. America is hosting the finest show on the planet, and we are doing the work our way.

It is possible to lesson for British exporters? While it’s essential to tailor your message for an audience, you’ll want to trumpet the characteristics which make your products distinctive.

Every single day I talk to businesspeople taking personal and national pride within their work, and they also should. Scotland, for instance, includes a greatly effective product that’s uncompromisingly top quality and it is identifiable globally with a single syllable. This Year the Scotch Whisky Association recorded exports of four billion, showing a every year increase of 23%. New customers in Asia and South Usa are scrambling towards the product, and also the increase sought after has introduced a current 1 billion purchase of distillery production from industry giant Diageo.

Nationalistic pride is in no way the only preserve from the British, obviously. Target customers in emerging financial systems have reasons that belongs to them to wave the flag. China, our immediate forerunners as Olympic hosts, experienced a wave of loyal fervour merely a couple of days ago because of scientific explorations stretching in the heavens towards the deep ocean. While a Chinese offshore expedition was setting a brand new national record of 6,965 meters for any dive, astronauts were finishing the nation’s first-ever manned space docking procedure. Some cultural bloggers noted these accomplishments echoed a famous quote by Mao Zedong within the sixties: -We are able to clasp the moon within the ninth paradise and seize turtles deep-down within the five seas.-

Possibly Britain can’t contend with present day China’s vaulting economic progress, and possibly we can not contend with their achievements of exploration. And possibly we should not attempt to. Britain is within no position to -clasp the moon within the ninth paradise- but because the vibrant Olympic opening ceremony demonstrated, whenever a country plays unashamedly to the talents, it’ll locate an audience.

DAVID Johnson Localisation, Recruitment and Training Specialist

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