Property Forms – Advertising Letter of Intent

The next form is really a custom listing proposal accustomed to show the intent from the listing agent within the advertising of the subdivision or number of houses to have an investor or Bank or Private party. Please have your broker review this type befor showing to some posible client.

This document wasn’t prepaired by a lawyer and you’re simply informed for doing things at the own risk.


Subject: The exclusive sales by ________________________________

SELLER : ________________________


Your Opportunity Agent concurs to market ______________ in most advertising modes the following.

1.Listing Agent concurs to location all Lots within the RMLS

in Washington and concurs to cooperate with all of Realtors.

2. Feature adds in Broker internet sites.

three. Virtual tour, and contain unbranded picture tours for rmls and top quality picture tours

or other media, “top quality?..sales contact details incorporated”

4. All pictures to be both dynamic pages and static pages with code enhanced for image indexing

by search engines like google.

5. The neighborhood newspaper “_____________” _______________ advertising

6. Offer flyers on site whatsoever occasions.

7. Offer professional top top quality custom top quality Sales packets and pamphlets for those prospective purchasers.

8. Craig’s list advertising up-to-date weekly, min of 15 qualities Lots, to become built, etc.

9. All lots to become put on Broker websites and a minimum of 15 extra

web internet sites, three within 48 hrs.

10. Accept buy and create a web website particularly for that promotion of those building lots.

Min. of 100 pages, all individually indexed in the search engines.. Bing, Yahoo

11. Advertise with Yahoo and google, MSN, Local News Paper, direct achievable clients to site that

features . Forecasted 200 to 4000 specific site visitors monthly.

12. Location signs on all qualities and work along with the Seller in advertising this project featuring its delivering on-site sales affiliates when needed.

13. Entry signs, ______ at each entrance. Per CCR s.” installed”

14. Deliver flyers to any or all agents per flyer delivery service in ______________ monthly.

15. Supply detailed info to any or all moving services.

16. 1 reverse marketing campaign monthly


For services made the vendor concurs to pay for your opportunity Agent a sum comparable to __% from the

Product sales price of each . Reduced costs per bulk sales as __% or a smaller amount as agreed.

Time Period Of AGREEMENT

After 360 days this agreement you are cancelled by either party upon

a one month notice shipped on paper or just after delivery as both sides mutually agree.

It’s understood the may have the exclusive privileges towards the purchase of Qualities

situated in ____________

as listed and launched through the Seller.

dated this _______day’s ________ ___________, 20011.

By ____________________________ date____

Seller__________________________ date____

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Without correct advertising your company is as an island within the sea.

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