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This is actually the year the condition to stimulate domestic demand, consumer home appliances to upgrade the troika. The very first two policy because the implementation of numerous disputes, the outcomes already are apparent. The “TM” policy announcement continues to be for a while, but has yet introducing the implementation particulars. Some suppliers even impatient released the “Enterprise Edition” and “TM” approach. I humbly believe, promote the “TM” consumer driven home appliances, main concern would be to intensely cultivate integrity of second-hands home home appliances market.

Actually, consumer interest in home home appliances in China still greatly room for growth. Begin with the town, whether it’s


, Fridges or air conditioning units, automatic washers, household home appliances are already not symbolic of luxury, urban customers have began by home appliances dwindle responsive to cost. The consumption


The renewal of fast speed items to customers generally hate that old, many urban customers around the alternative of 1 every six several weeks


. The refrigerator, washer, if it’s not because are bigger, upgrading trouble, possibly in return for as lengthy as phones go. Talking about the countryside, then occlusion from the rural customers, but additionally realize that the laundry with washer is much more easy to know


May be the least expensive entertainment. Hinder the greatest obstacle to consumer home appliances would be that the price of consumer home appliances, for example initial purchase cost, for example electricity. When the consumer costs lower, appliance consumption is enormous.

Purchasers retailers of anticipation “TM”, is it can minimize the price of consumer home appliances, thus marketing the customer to upgrade. But actually, we no choice but to locate and promote appliance “TM” The finest obstacle to the possible lack of integrity from the specs of the second-hands home home appliances market.

Everyone has the same experience Seeing the emergence of recent types of home home appliances, improving the need can there be, but now you ask , how you can get rid of that old now has wrinkles but could make use of a point Jiujia Dian. Reality frequently is the fact that Jiujia Dian buy home appliances only as waste, waste treatment home appliances directly by junk displayed. Million to purchase back the items clearly may use, but frequently 50, 100 yuan a cost shouting dying to meet up with who also accurate. Therefore, to produce a genuine and reliable second-hands goods market, will still able to normal utilisation of the Jiu Jiadian into idle home appliances, respect for that reasonable value also it remains effective, customers will have the ability to lead considerably towards the improving of enthusiasm.

First would be to develop a fair and transparent assessment of second-hands home appliance marketplaces. Home appliances before improving slow, insidewithin all to state, customers, producers don’t have the necessary exchange of knowledge, it makes sense thrown away home home appliances discount towards the consumer was really miserable. Let’s suppose the real home of Jiu Jiadian could possibly get a good valuation, and also the country’s subsidy policy, who don’t want TM to?

Then the making of reliability and toughness for the secondary buying and selling market. How you can safeguard the legitimate interests of both purchasers and retailers Jiujia Dian, how you can separate obligations and privileges, secondary buying and selling rules ought to be careful so far as possible, fair, evidence-let purchasers and retailers can exercise a legitimate basis. In connection with this, it touches around the suggested policy-makers worried about the concept of buying and selling goods underneath the internet. Present day shopping online platform are essentially independent 3rd party to pay for to supply security, facilitate coordination of the dispute settlement. I humbly believe, for that government to arrange a 3rd party guarantee, is going to be freely exchanged second-hands home home appliances safer, transactions each side could be more assured.

Additionally, the cultivation of second-hands appliance consumption habits, much more support from standardized and transparent home appliances


Market. Therefore, great efforts to consolidate and improve our appliance repair marketplace is also essential to promote second-hands home home appliances market.

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