Professional Social Operate in India – Issues and Challenges

Professional Social Operate in India – Issues and Challenges

Dr.P.Ilango Professor & Mind Department of Social Work Bharathidasan College Tiruchirappalli-620023 Email: pon.

Social Jobs are a discipline including the use of social theory and research techniques to review and enhance the lives of individuals, groups, and communities. It includes and uses other social sciences as a way to enhance a persons condition and positively change society’s reaction to chronic problems. It’s a profession dedicated to the quest for social justice, towards the enhancement of the standard of existence, and also to the introduction of the entire potential of every individual, group and community within the society. It seeks to concurrently address and resolve social issues at each degree of society and economic status, but especially one of the poor and sick. Social employees are worried with social problems, their causes, their solutions as well as their human impacts. They use people, families, groups.

Within the developed nations, only appropriately qualified persons with social work education can intervene using the psycho-social problems of people and professionals must get yourself a license or perhaps be appropriately registered. Regrettably in India, regardless of the truth that the amount of social work schools, institutes and departments of schools and colleges happen to be growing gradually but continuously throughout the first six decades and growing quickly during the last one decade approximately, the standard of professional social work education and training and professional standards of practice happen to be decreasing and consequently, there’s a significant harm to the -professional status and image’ of social work. With countless departments of social work mushrooming every day, professional social work education has been commercialized and problems with quality, credibility and ethical standards are jeopardized through the different stakeholders.

Professional Social Work Education started in India in 1936 using the establishment of TATA Institute of Social Sciences. Within the last a lot more than 7 decades, there’s been an unparalleled development in the amount of Schools/ Departments/ Institutes offering Social Work education from coast to coast. In India, presently there’s a wider quantity of Institutions offering Social Work Education with various areas of expertise. Among the serious issues in Social Work Education is the possible lack of uniformity in curriculum and standards of practice one of the professionals in various configurations. Regardless of earlier efforts taken by prominent Social Work Teachers, still in India, we don’t possess a Council for Social Work Education. Even without the a National Council, there’s no system of accrediting Social Work Institutions, standardization of Social Work Education, Practices and Certification of Social Work Professionals. You will find considerable versions within the content and excellence of BSW and MSW Curricula one of the different institutions spread from coast to coast. Despite the fact that you will find national level physiques representing social work schools and professional social employees, there’s been deficiencies in consistent, matched and sustained efforts for these physiques to complete the aim of creating a national council along with other institutional systems for standardization, accreditation and certification for social work. The active associations of social employees at national and condition levels are pleased with regular programmes of educational interest for example workshops, conferences and training courses that are organized effectively but rarely move beyond individuals sporadic and geographically scattered occasions and dread the road of employed by the enhancement of the standard and professional status of social work. The arrival of Social work Education in Tata Institute of Social Sciences in 1936 like a publish world war development and then the appointment of medical social employees in Qq hospital indicated the acceptance of social act as profession in India. Using its understanding base spanning fields like psychology, Sociology, Medicine, Psychiatry, Development ideas, Management and Welfare administration, it had been designed to produce experts who could be fittingly known as social doctors or social engineers. But after a lot more than seven decades since its beginning, social work profession in India is regrettably groping at nighttime because of its professional space. The -change agents -as social employees are known as appear baffled to alter this growing ambiguity of identity.

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