Producing and Running MPI Programs on Oracle Solaris 11

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Open MPI is definitely an open-source implementation of MPI and OMPT may be the Oracle implementation of MPI. MPI can be used for message passing library calls between processes running parallel on different cluster of nodes. OMPT is made form of OMPI enhanced for Oracle Solaris 11 which consists of development like instrumented versions of MPI libraries.

Following is a good example of using OMPT for Oracle Solaris 11:

Acquiring OMPT –

For implementing OMPT, Oracle Solaris 11 is required to be placed on the machine. Root rights are essential for running OMPT utilities. For producing MPI programs, Oracle Solaris Studio 12.1 is needed to set up. It’s possible to install and compile Oracle Solaris Studio on among the nodes but have to install openmpi-15 package on all of the nodes. Openmpi-15 package is located by Image Packaging System repository that is needed to become set up around the system. Run the pkg writer command for verifying the configuration from the Insolvency practitioners repository. Configure Insolvency practitioners repository if it’s not set up for adding the openmpi-15 package otherwise adding package will fail. The machine have to be set up using network access or Insolvency practitioners repository that’s provided in the same system. Insolvency practitioners repository is located on local host over HTTP. After verifying the configuration from the repository as root, add some Distribution Constructor package by running the pkg install openmpi-15 command. In the Insolvency practitioners repository openmpi-15 package is downloaded and installed immediately.

Listing 1: Creation of the pkg install openmpi-15 command

[email protected]:~# pkg install openmpi-15

As proven within the above listing, the pkg install openmpi-15 command shows the status from the process to ensure that progress could be observed easily. After setting up openmpi-15 package, include /usr/openmpi/ompi-15/bin within the PATH variable after which it is advisable to move ahead.

Producing MPI program with OMPT –

To compile MPI programs with OMPT use compiler wrappers or directly call the compilers. First technique is more preferred because of library, include, run pathways needed to become incorporated. The wrappers go through all options therefore we require changing all cases of a compiler inside a make file using the utilities from the wrapper. We are able to compile with one-line command or two phase link and compile. Rather than using wrappers if one should directly execute the compilers the other can determine the choices utilized by wrappers.

Running MPI program with OMPT –

Run this program like a singleton after executable is put together and associated with OMPT libraries. Then program will call appropriate MPI APIs to spawn other systems for the MPI job. Use mpirun utility if you want to create MPI job with multiple processes.

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