Procedure to repair Thorconnwndclass Error in Outlook

What’s Thorconnwndclass?

Norton anti-virus is used by lots of people at houses, institutes and organizations for that protection of the computer from infections, Trojan viruses along with other problems. Thorconnwndclass is among ingredients of Norton anti-virus software program. Thorconnwndclass is an element of Crash Guard Symantec in Norton.

Problems in Outlook because of Thorconnwndclass: Sometimes, Thorconnwndclass results in many problems in Outlook. Because of this module, Outlook will get closed all of a sudden produces Thorconnwndclass error and lots of other issues like improper delivering and receiving of emails, slow being able to access of Outlook etc. Additionally, it may corrupt Outlook database making it inaccessible. Ones of Norton contained this Thorconnwndclass.

Reasons for the appearance of : Thorconnwndclass error happens in Outlook because of a lot of reasons. A few of the reasons for the appearance of Thorconnwndclass error in Outlook are as following:

* Because of some damage in Outlook bar.

* Because of improper installing of Outlook.

* Because of in inappropriateness in Outlook configurations.

* While Thorconnwndclass of Norton is dealing with Outlook.

* Due to corruptness in emails on server or damage in personal folder of Outlook.

* Due to corruptness in add-inches of Outlook.

Way of Process: Outlook remains unfixed before you make use of a PST repair Solutions. You are able to avoid Thorconnwndclass condition in Outlook in lots of ways but, PST Repair tool is the only method to fix this issue in Outlook. You will find many PST repair tools but, Outlook Recovery Software is an efficient tool since it is able to solve all of the problems associated with Outlook. It may resolve all of the problems including corruption of PST file, conversion of PST file, Thorconnwndclass error etc. You are able to recover PST database with all of its components, particulars, and accessories from all kinds of Corruption causes with this particular software.

Means to fix Avoid Thorconnwndclass Outlook Problem: You are able to avoid Thorconnwndclass in Outlook within the following ways:

* By removing Norton Anti-virus software program by hand.

* By re-creating Outlook bar with -Totally reset Outlook Bar- switch.

* With unloading of add-inches set up in Outlook i.e. tools>>options>>other tab>>advanced>>add-in manager. It is simple to reload all of the add-inches in a single time later.

* By correction in Outlook configurations files after closing the applying with renaming of outcmd.dat and extend.dat.

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