prepare italian food from my quality recipes such tomato sauce for spaghetti


Well, I would like start this short article by inform you that I am initially Italian, if you have some grammatical sentence mistakes, please, understand and smile -)

I am devoted to couple of passions and one of these simple is prepare- Yeap, I love good food not to mention, wines.

I used to be investing lots of time in the kitchen area, planning a lot of scrumptious quality recipes which i study from my very own or got ideas from my mother.

During these day the economy problems is forcing everybody to avoid wasting money and just what could be much better than avoid dining at costly restaurants but prepare your personal healthy cheap food in your own home.

I designed a very friendly and simple website where I am posting videos of me showing things i prepare. There’s several advice, tips and virtually provides you with a wide open look at exactly what a real Italian is cooking in your own home- A lot of you already believe that Italians eat only pasta however is not exactly that. You might don’t know that Italians eat even strange stuff such beef tongue, tripe, rabbit, etc, etc.

However, here I am giving an easy recipe regarding how to prepare the fundamental real Italian tomato sauce: The thing you need:

1) 1 can of whole peeled tomato plants

2) 1 medium size onion

3) Garlic clove, much as you desire

4) Essential olive oil, pepper and salt.

A)When you sliced the onion and crashed the garlic clove, pour all inside a flat no sticky pan with essential olive oil.

B)Once the onion are showing to become gold and soft, poor your tomato plants and stir all.

C)After couple of minutes and once you discover the tomato plants are becoming soft, utilizing a fork, a spoon or even the right tool, smash the tomato plants and make up a sauce.

D)Prepare for couple of more minutes at low flame.

E)Eat it -)

At you can observe the recording and discover more quality recipes.

I am sure you’ll have fun… Aspire to help you there. Ciao


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