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Epson serial us dot matrix Printer TM-U220, using its sophisticated design and superb technical content, since listing around the broadly recognized by customers and received excellent market response continues to be in a position to take part in the same share of the market the very first position. It gets the Epson Printer Consistent top quality, paper speed, utilization of broad, print precision on a higher level. This can be a interest in in-depth study of Chinese clients following the launch from the product, compact and simple to function, is fantastic for Home windows customers.

More to high-speed Micro printer directly facing the consumer are usually concentrated within the retail, catering, postal services, entertainment along with other industries, many of these industries possess a consumer focus, high density qualities. Thus, as customers, business home windows directly facing more pressure than normal around the hosts. Only by selecting a higher-speed ink jet printers, to make sure client satisfaction, therefore making certain the business’s good image. TM-U220 4.7 lines per second print speed of comparable items within the innovative of technology to ensure that merchants can provide customers more high-speed instruments. .

TM-U220 for an array of areas, but additionally has excellent compatibility. Using the TM-U220 printer, can be quite easy to upgrade towards the existing system and without altering cellular phone atmosphere. It supports two-way one-way printing and print two print techniques, to supply customers with several options. TM-U220 the 3 models are equally good at saving Work Place wall hanging three-dimensional B-more, don’t take up any space on your hard drive. In accordance with the requirements of different customers, TM-220 B-and D-type use of 57.5mm, 69.5mm and 76mm paper width of three, such as the perfect reaction to the need for different tickets.

More flexible positioning To project development using the national tax control, TM-U220 features to improve the black standard orientation. Black standard sensor set within the machine identification of black standard, enabling more precise positioning printing paper. Once the black standard sensor is triggered, press the FEED key in to the paper, the printer will instantly be the topic of black paper to another position Additionally, TM-U220 may also be “GSE” command will instantly adapt to any position Cutter.

Within the paper about you use six good and bad selectable black standard position, to satisfy different positioning options by doing this, without altering the printer can certainly print the tax control, the requirement for condition and native tax invoice the consumer prints provide convenient.

Using simpler In comparison with other brands models cumbersome method to change paper, Epson TM-U220 to fall under the kind of paper for just one-step way of customers in order to save lots of trouble. Set Instantly cutting device within the machine, not just removes Shredded steps to higher ensure the good thing about the Notes for that user’s corporate image plus. EPSON continues to be concerned user particulars, TM-U220 has carefully attracted particulars from the icon, taking care of the show customers the correct utilization of machinery.

Accessory for the above mentioned, TM-U220 card board protection and compression protection are a couple of special features. Sometimes, the paper doesn’t print well make the machine jammed. Many other kinds of machine with card board once the work may cause a total waste of print, however this machine take away the card board protection for customers to bother with, even when a paper jam, the printer will auto-processing, printing, the job won’t result in a dead stop. Once the user doesn’t choose to place heavy objects on the top from the printer, many more will neglect to print the printer stops printing whilst the TM-U220 was created compression set, pressure of exterior things won’t affect print job.

Epson R & D within the Chinese market as soon as the consumer model for China’s worldwide well-known printer producers, using its superior performance, will have the ability to provide Chinese clients have a more enjoyable print.

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