Prayer Flags in Tibetan Buddhism

are thought to possess came from using the , who had hopes written on flags which were taken into fight to safeguard the players. The standard Bon religion of Tibet, that was essentially before Buddhism, also employed prayer flags by which important symbols were placed on flags for defense. It’s thought they later incorporated Buddhist hopes onto their flags once the religion grew to become the predominate certainly one of their culture. When prayer flags are flown, they’re thought to hold the characteristics of strength, knowledge and empathy, that is communicated around the wind to profit all creatures.

The writing around the flags represents a number of hopes, including individuals for wealth, peace, knowledge, and health. Prayer flags also display mantras, like the Om Mani Padme Hum, the blessing of Chenrezig, the embodiment of empathy. This blessing is stated to include all the teachings from the Buddha.

The colours of Tibetan prayer flags represent each one of the five elements. Blue represents ether, or even the wind element. Whitened represents the environment element. Red-colored means the fireplace element. Eco-friendly is perfect for water element and yellow represents our planet. The colours also represent 5 directions, north, south, east west and center. Additionally they represent 5 wisdoms connected with Buddhism empathy, harmony, knowledge of sight, kindness, and excellent knowledge. The colours will always be inside a certain order, starting with blue after which whitened, red-colored, eco-friendly and yellow.

Prayer flags contain symbols which are sacred and ought to always be looked after and revered based on Tibetan Buddhist tradition. They ought to always be placed up high, either inside or outdoors. They will not be thrown away or placed on the floor. If they’re no more wanted, they must be burned.

Do not concern yourself in case your prayer flags become tattered and faded, because this is an important part of disbursing their beneficence around the world once the wind carries the hopes to any or all creatures. Tibetans always leave them hanging, regardless of how tattered and faded, and can place a brand new group of flags them over or alongside to accompany them.

The hanging of prayer flags ought to be a unique celebration and really should be companioned with your personal hopes for health, safety, knowledge, healing and empathy, not just on your own as well as your buddies and family, however for all creatures through the world.

-Sylvia Smelcer

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