Pranic Therapy V

Pranic Therapy Part V

“The Unified Area of Einstein may be the Brahman from the Vedists and also the Tao from the Chinese”, states Dr Fritjof Capra in the famous book ” The Tao of Physics”. The Vedists known as this Unitary Energy through the title Prana. This Cosmic Energy may be used to heal and healing via this Cosmic Prana found be referred to as Pranic Therapy.This information is a continuation from the earlier article Pranic Therapy Part IV.

Attunement to Biorhythms

Together with regulating food,sleep,exercise and relaxation, the spiritual aspirant ought to learn to attune his psychosomatic machine to their own biorhythms

“Biological clocks ” were found in creatures within the late nineteen fifties & Bio- rhytms were understood consequently. Once the Moon rose ( which triggered the flow of tide ), mussels & crabs which survive beach locations put together to spread out their shells or come into action even if these were gone to live in a distant place. “Circadian tempos” within your body were found later.

You will find daily biorhythms, lunar tempos and photo voltaic tempos.

Circadian Tempos

It had been discovered that degree of sugar within the bloodstream , body’s temperature, British petroleum, manufacture of the body’s hormones & enzymes transformed based on a cyclic, regular & recurrent pattern. Although some have have 24 or 25 hour cycles others have 36 or 48 hour cycles. Even emotional sensitivity & intellectual creativeness increase & decrease based on biorhythms, aside from physiological activities

Lunar Tempos

Within the situation of lunar people the eleventh day’s the lunar month ( Ekadasi) or even the day’s the entire moon ( Pournami ) or even the day’s the brand new Moon ( Amavasi) may behave as the pivotal reason for alternation in their biorhythms. Many people have 28 day cycles regardless of the movement from the Moon.

Photo voltaic Tempos

The Appollonians ( because the photo voltaic individuals are known as ) tend to be more responsive to changes of photo voltaic seasons compared to lunarian changes. Using the start of winter, spring, summer time & fall they might find profound changes happening within their physiological processes & mental activity.

The presence of these biorhythms were confirmed by research despite the fact that superficial minds might not have the ability to identify these biorhythms. A spiritual aspirant should recognise his biorhythms & adjust his prayer, meditation & acitivities in compliance with one of these tempos. Minor stomach upsets, discomfort in joints, disturbed sleep, change of mood etc are connected with biorhythms & the seeker shoud ‘t be upset by these minor changes..

Why holistic health practices fail or succeed partly

Primary reason behind the failure of holisitc health practices is the fact that Prana or Existence Energy doesn’t flow freely inside the individual or between your individual & the universal existence, because of the existence of obstructions within.These obstructions are triggered by Samskaras, psychic reminiscences or residual traces in our past actions and encounters. Samskaras are of two kinds, individuals which only produce reminiscences ( smriti ) of past encounters and individuals which produce impulses or drives to repeat these encounters ( vasanas) . Both of these are interconnected to create complex designs of affection, hate, fear etc. It’s these complexes that obstruct the disposable flow of Existence-Energy in us.

Getting rid of Mental Blocks

A number of these complexes are created in early childhood and adolescence. When uncomfortable or distressing encounters occur, the inclination of a kid or teen would be to repress them. Repression is a kind of pushing the psychic reminiscences in to the unconscious parts of your brain. The growing youth might not have the ability to remember individuals psychic reminiscences again, however the repressed samskaras lodged within the hidden recesses from the unconscious continue creating mental and psychosomatic trouble for him.

All psychosomatic disorders can’t be healed by holistic health tech- niques unless of course these repressed difficulties are ferreted out and faced. Yesteryear samskaras ought to be deactivated. With this the seeker needs to dive deep into his unconscious & encounter yesteryear encounters and deactivate them.

Many people find it hard to get it done with no active assistance of a reliable guide. Individuals who rely on the Sea of Awareness ( the complete or God ) may , however, discover that these inner blocks are removed by Divine Sophistication. This is actually the rationale behind belief healing & miraculous cures.

Extension of Awareness

Existence,a present in the Divine, is a superb healing energy. Nothing ever starts to become Substance basically undergoes a parallel transformation into conditions which pre-been around in other concerns. Existence, similarly, doesn’t start to be. As Energy, according to what the law states of Conservation of one’s or Matter can’t be produced or destroyed, also is Existence Eternal.

In the physical level, the eternal healing energy of existence manifests itself as

a) Self-renewal b) The defense mechanisms.

For several years it’s been known the body can filter and re-use its liquids & repair damages to tissue, especially skin and bone, by growing new cells. Modern Science has proven that self-renewal is continually happening in each and every area of the body. The majority of the cells in your body are constantly being changed by brand new ones. Somebody stated ” I’m not exactly the same person I had been twelve months ago”! The whole body will get restored in by doing this each year & this shows that it’s never past too far to restore your wellbeing. By altering a person’s fundamental attitudes and lifestyle, the harm towards the body triggered by many years of misuse & neglect could be overcome.

One the truly amazing marvels from the world may be the human defense mechanisms. Individuals who understand the biochemical processes happening in your body will accept Wally Whitman ” In my experience every hour during the day & evening is definitely an unspeakably perfect miracle”. Dr Walter Cannon stated ” The Knowledge from the body is easily the most precise of selective unique features” !

The Constituents ( Four Models ) in our Defense Mechanisms

The fourfold defense mechanisms includes the next models

1 The granulocyte-macrophage unit

2. The lymphocyte unit

3. The antibody unit

4. The complement unit

. The very first two are types of whitened bloodstream corpuscles, in which the final two are chemicals, proteins. All of the four models in our defense mechanisms launch a concerted attack around the intruders the moment a couple of bacteria enter any tissue in your body. ( The antibody unit continues to be understood to be an military of a million) Western medical science is wondering who masterminds this attack or who plans these methods. Good sense, logic, intuition & experience claim that somewhere behind all of this there has to be an expert control. So why do sometimes cells become malignant and attack neighbouring cells ? Why it is going awry, sometimes,when our defence models attack innocent cells mistaking them for enemy microbes ? Western medical science is researching difficult to find solutions to those difficult questions.

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