You will find twelve houses within our horoscope. Each house signifies as facet of existence, for example romance, career, family etc. Based on Vedic Zodiac, you will find only nine planets, so each horoscope chart has couple of empty houses. Empty houses represent facets of existence unconditionally. The positioning of the Sun and Moon together with other planets influence us a great deal based on their positioning within our horoscope and our existence. The positions from the planets are analyzed with regards to their affect on the sun’s rays sign. Finally, the Moon sign and position is analyzed with regards to the relaxation from the zodiac chart. So, zodiac is measured the easiest method to know a person’s past, present and future exactly. To know zodiac forecasts, a specialist Vedic Astrologer must have complete understanding about planets, their positions, their character, as well as their relations to one another, to ensure that he is able to predict precisely about a person’s existence.

Because of the wrong positions of in auspicious planets as well as their effects within our horoscope, we must suffer a great deal within our daily existence and face many hindrances. In the same manner when we have Kemdrum and Shakat yoga within our kundali, it may deny us from money and something cannot lead a peaceful existence in spite of doing lots of effort. These yogs stop the clear way of your ability to succeed and happiness. Additionally they weaken the great results of other planets and boost the bad results of malice planets. Additionally they boost the despair, hopelessness, anger, shouting character, problems because of bad company and also the primary reason for our failure.

Causes Of THE OBSTACLES Within Our Existence

Our heart directs all of our activities as moon leads our heart. And everything we do within our daily existence it is only due to the moon as all of our activities are directed by moon. The strong ness and auspiciousness of Moon result in good ideas, strong perseverence as well as our determination. In contrary from it weak Moon can alter our characteristics directly into negativity. Thus it is crucial to possess a planet near Moon or with Moon to be able to control the Moon effects. Based on Vedic Zodiac Kemdrum Yoga is caused by unmanageable Moon.

HOW To Arrive At Agreeable Results Of KEMDRUM YOGA

If you possess the above yoga inside your horoscope, you want to do the next remedies.

Do jaap of Vedic Mantras of Moon. If you’re not able to perform it you are able to take the aid of a specialist Astrologer to ensure that you will get the utmost benefits. This yog could be destabilized or finished should you choose Dashansh Hawan of the jaap, dashansh tarpan of the hawan, dashansh marzan of the tarpan and dashansh bhog of the marjan a brahman.

Perform some charitable organisation associated with Chandra grah on Monday or Purnamasi to decrease the results of Kemdrum yog.

Visit Shiv Mandir and worship The almighty Shiva’s Shivling with milk.

Do Rudrabhishek in Shravan month.

It is simple to decrease the results of Kemdrum yoga by worshipping a minumum of one Jyotirling from twelve.

You need to get this puja made by a specialist and learned Jyotishacharya to obtain the maximum results.


If Gajkesari yoga is developing because of the mixture of Chandra- Brahaspati in center and when Moon or Brahaspati is positioned in eighth place or sixth from lagna, it may produce the inauspicious Shakat yoga. You are able to face lots of problems because of this yoga like betray, lack of money and not successful existence in spite of your effort.

How You Can Eliminate THIS YOGA

You need to get this puja made by a specialist and learned jyotishacharya ji to obtain the maximum results.

Do jaap of Vedic mantra of Brahaspati in the 11000 Vedic mantra of Moon. Perform the dashansh hawan of jaap, dashansh tarpan of hawan, dashansh marjan of tarpan and dashansh food of marjan to some brahman.

Do charitable organisation of products related of Brahaspati grah and Chandra grah.

So that you can easily defend against all of the obstacles and hindrance out of your existence should you choose the remedies based on Vedic zodiac.

Zodiac is study regarding stars, Planets as well as their effects on people. Zodiac may be the communication of stars and planetary positions during the time of birth. Zodiac is an ideal science because it is promoting within the centuries based on findings and statistical analysis, together with speculations and additional-physical findings. Zodiac studies the connection between your altering sky and our fate, world occasions. There’s a planetary dance around the grand scale and something the close scale, happening for everyone. Zodiac is study regarding this zodiac chart, along with the conjecture for future depending on how other zodiac phenomena might influence the zodiac blood pressure measurements. The knowledge of horoscope chart is another large area of the art of zodiac, and it is essential for correct forecasts. Therefore it is about time to seek the assistance of Vedic Astrologer with an expert Vedic astrologer.

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