Polish amber Jewellery Exhibition Opening Companies Positive Chinese Market

Polish amber Jewellery Exhibition Opening Companies Positive Chinese Market >

Worldwide: 19th Polish amber Festival amber and jewellery exhibition around the 21st towards the 24th opening of Gdansk in northern Belgium seaside city power grid. As the most crucial among the jewellery show within the world’s biggest amber exhibition in addition to Central and Eastern Europe, this exhibition attracted you use a lot more than 450 participants as well as an independent jewellery designer from Belgium, Lithuania, Netherlands along with other nations taking part, while individuals in the world’s purchasers are required to achieve a lot more than 6,000 people.

Shuttle amber and backwards and forwards, Chinese businessmen, the existence of visible black hair and black eye arrived at eyes every once in awhile. Recently, using the luxury consumption in China progressively starting to warm up, increasingly more companies to check out china market, Polish amber section on “business” every year to become more active.

Based on data launched through the World Luxury Association, this year, china luxury goods market, the entire investing has arrived at Ten Dollars.7 billion, comprising one fourth from the global share. This season, China is anticipated to exceed Japan being the earth’s biggest consumer of luxury goods. Shrewd European amber companies are extremely obvious, so pay particular focus on China’s market potential and consumer buying energy, and intensely develop clients from China. Kaxi Ya (female), AG Jewellery Company in Belgium, stated: “We’re now about 50% of clients from China, and the amount of clients in China is progressively elevated. Additionally, you will find 4-5 partners cooperating for several years in China, inside a large mall amber items. ”

Maria Amber Jewellery Company is among the biggest producers in Belgium, but additionally among the first companies to go in china market amber retailers. Corporate Sales Director, Thomas stated: “50 relatively large wholesale in China, our partners, amber and silver items they’re buying from us from 2000, the cooperation between us started. Amber professionals stated china market is essential, because The chinese like amber, like Belgium jewellery, like Belgium crafts. ”

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