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Features The sensitivity from the TrackPoint is generally adjustable, and could be set to supply an very light touch. Press-to-choose is definitely an optional feature, in which a sharp tap around the pointing stick is the same as a control button-click. The button thus clicked on could be set up to become 1, two or three. However, it is extremely simple to accidentally “click” a button when typing. Along with software wheel-emulation, the Trackpoint (and three buttons) can offer almost the whole behavior of the 3-button, 2-wheel mouse. Tapping button-2 will produce a middle-click holding button-2 while concurrently moving the pointer will generate vertical and horizontal scrolling occasions. The TrackPoint III and also the TrackPoint IV possess a feature known as Negative Inertia that triggers the cursor’s velocity to “overreact” when it’s faster or decelerated. Negative Inertia is supposed to avoid sense of inertia or slowness when beginning or preventing movement. Usability tests at IBM have proven that it’s simpler for customers to put the cursor with Negative Inertia, and gratifaction is 7.8% better . Problems Cursor drift is really a ubiquitous problem among pointing stays, needing frequent recalibration. However, TrackPoints instantly recalibrate once the stick recognizes a stable cursor drift to trigger a recalibration, the consumer must lift their finger temporarily from the TrackPoint for around 1 second. History The idea of TrackPoint was produced back in 1984 by Ted Selker, a PARC investigator. He discovered research that shown that it requires relatively very long time, three-quarters of the second, for any computer user to change his hands in the keyboard towards the mouse, so that as enough time to change back. Ted Selker desired to create a device that will largely eliminate this delay. Selker built one of the pointing stick, but really didn’t have time for you to focus on it. 3 years later, working at IBM, Selker could refine the TrackPoint design and transform his invention right into a product. Comparison with touchpads A ThinkPad laptop featuring both a red-colored pointing stick (top left) along with a touch pad (center) The pointing stick may be used in ultra-compact netbook computers (see The new sony Vaio P, for instance) high could be room for any touch pad. The pointing stick is situated so that both your hands don’t need to be taken off the house row to control a button pointer. Some customers claim it’s simpler to carefully squeeze pointer than when utilizing a touch pad because there’s without any ‘dead zone’. Some customers believe that pointing stick reduces wrist strain, because user need not avoid resting arms on the touch pad, usually situated just beneath the laptop keyboard. Many people locate them more desirable for mobile gaming than the usual touch pad, since the track-point enables infinite movement without rethinking. One critique is the fact that since the pointing stick is dependent around the user using pressure, it may cause hands cramps (although this is often partially solved by setting the sensitivity to high, and lifting the finger once the pointer isn’t being moved). Another critique is it stresses the pointer finger and can lead to RSI injuries. Additionally, a finger sliding from the stick can result in accidental pressing of a number of secrets in immediate closeness. Numerous ergonomic studies to check trackpoint and touch pad performance happen to be carried out . Most studies discover that touch pad is slightly faster one study discovered that “the touch pad was operated 15% faster compared to trackpoint”. Another study discovered that average object selection there was a time faster having a touch pad, 1.7 sec in comparison to two.2 sec having a trackpoint, and object manipulation required 6.2 sec having a touch pad, normally, against 8.1 sec with trackpoint. It ought to be noted these studies measured pointing performance only and can’t verify or disprove the declare that trackpoint is quicker in a mixture of pointing and typing actions. It’s also unknown set up studies required into consideration variations within the learning curve in between each device. Naming and types Title Brand Current Models Past Models TrackPoint IBM / Lenovo All known ThinkPads (not IdeaPads), and Travel Keyboard with Ultranav Most ThinkPads, Space Saving idea II, Model M13, Model M4-1, Trackpoint IV, Trackpoint USB Keyboard, TransNote PointStick Hewlett packard (Compaq) 2530p, 2730p, 6445b(option), 6545b(option), 6930p, 8530p/w, 8730w, 8440p/w, 8540p/w 2510p, 2710p, 6910p, 8510p/w, 8710p/w, nc2400, nc4400, nc6230, nc6400, nc8430, nw8440, nw9440, & tc4400 series NX Point NEC EasyNote MX45, MX65, S5 Pointing Stick The new sony The new sony Vaio P series BX series, U8 series, UX series StickPoint, QuickPoint Fujitsu Lifebook T2020, P1630, S7220, E8420 (optional), U820/U2010 Lifebook T2010, S7110, S7210, B2400/2500/2600 series, E8310 (optional), E8410 (optional), P1100/1500/1600 series, U1010/U810/U50 Track Stick Dell Latitude E5400 & E5500 (optional) Latitude D430, D630, D830, XT, E4300, E5400, E6400, E6400 ATG, E6500, Precision M2300, M2400, M4300, M4400, M6400 Inspiron 4000, 8100, 8200, 9100 AccuPoint Toshiba Tecra A9, A10, M9, M10 Portege (not current models 06/2007), Tecra A7, Tecra A8, Tecra M2, Tecra M5, Tecra S Series, Satellite Professional 4000 Series, Satellite Professional 410 Series FineTrack Acer TravelMate C200 (Tablet), C210 (Tablet), 6410, 6460, 6492, 6492G, 6592, 6592G, 6593 Mouse emulator Elonex Elonex ONE Pointing Stick Unicomp EnduraPro, Mighty Mouse (for both desktop computers) On-The-Stick Informal names In trying to prevent trademarked names and also the ambiguity from the term “pointing stick”, which generally describes a stick accustomed to point at chalkboards or switch charts, various informal names happen to be invented frequently by having an physiological theme. Popular informal names include: Eraser Mind nub nipple, clitoris mouse or nipple mouse References ^ “Lenovo Support and Downloads: TrackPoint Caps and just how to buy for ThinkPad systems and TrackPoint Keyboards”. IBM.com. 2007-07-17. . Retrieved 2009-04-06. ^ US Pat. 5570111 – Worldwide Business Machines Corporation, GUI cursor positioning device getting an adverse inertia transfer function ^ Negative Inertia: An Engaged Pointing Function. R. C. Barrett, E. J. Selker, J. D. Rutledge*, R. S. Olyha* IBM Almaden Research Center ^ (EB-PAG).htm Peter Golden, large BLUE’S large ADVENTURE ^ Engadget: The new sony Vaio P hands-on ^ a b – c d Trackpoint versus Touch pad discussion ^ Batra, S., Dykstra, D., Hsu, P., Radle, K. and Wiedenbeck, S., 1998, Pointing device performance for laptops. Proceedings from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 42nd Annual Meeting (pp. 535-540). Santa Monica, CA: Human Factors Society. ^ Sutter, C. and Ziefle, M, 2005, Getting together with notebook input products: An analysis of motor performance and customers expertise, Human Factors, 47, 1, 169-187. ^ a b – Office offices with laptops: User specific needs for input products and software design Sutter, Christine Department of Psychology, RWTH Aachen College ^ Sutter, C., Ziefle M. How to deal with notebook input products: a look in button use strategy. Contemporary Ergonomics 2003, pp241-251 google books ^ “TrackPoint” entry at FOLDOC ^ “nipple mouse” entry within the Jargon File Exterior links IBM’s TrackPoint page Desktop keyboards having a pointing stick How you can configure the TrackPoint under Linux Notebook input products offer age test: the usability of trackpoint and touch pad for middle-aged grown ups Ergonomics, 2007, vol. 50, no3, pp. 426-445 Groups: Pointing products

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