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Door types Even though the terms are frequently used interchangeably, platform screen doorways are full height, total obstacles between your station floor and ceiling, while platform edge doorways are full height, but don’t achieve the ceiling and therefore don’t produce a total barrier. Based on wikipedia hangul version, there’s four kinds of PSD: Totally-sealed PSD Half-sealed PSD Parapet PSD Rope PSD These doorways help: Prevent suicide attempts and homicides by pushing. Prevent accidents, especially from service trains passing with the station at high speeds. Improve heating and cooling inside the station (heating, ventilation, and ac are better once the station is physically isolated in the tunnel). Improve security – accessibility tracks and tunnels is fixed. Lower costs – eliminate the requirement for motormen or conductors when used along with Automatic Train Operation, therefore reducing manpower costs. Prevent litter build on the track which may be a fireplace risk. Usage Russia Park Pobedy (Russian: ) is really a station from the Saint Petersburg Metro which was the very first station on the planet with screen doorways. The station was opened up in 1961. Later another nine stations of the type were built-in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad). There is a digital device to make sure that the train stopped using its doorways next to the woking platform doorways these were installed to ensure that driverless trains may ultimately be utilized at risk. Unlike other platform screen doorways, that are lightweight models with exensive double glazed installed an ordinary platform edge, the St Petersburg models give the look of a good wall with heavyweight entrance doors and solid steel sliding doorways, like exists for a bank of elevators inside a large building, and also the train can’t be seen entering in the platform people understand the seem alone to point a train arrival. Singapore The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) was the very first rapid transit system in Asia to include platform screen doorways in the stations later. Full height platform screen doorways are installed whatsoever existing subterranean MRT stations in Singapore and all sorts of future subterranean MRT stations. Half height platform screen doorways is going to be retrofitted into all existing elevated MRT stations by 2012 (beginning with three elevated MRT stations by 2009), in addition to all future elevated MRT stations. You will find two number of the entire height platform screen doorways being used. The very first series was installed whatsoever subterranean stations across the North South Line and also the East West Line from 1987 towards the completing the first system in 1990. The 2nd number of platform screen doorways sporting a sleeker design, creating less seem once the doorways were opened up and closed, and integrating more glass were set up in the Changi Airport terminal MRT Station which opened up in 2002. All stations within the fully-subterranean North East Line, which opened up in 2003, also sport these new doorways. The approaching MRT Line, the Circle Line will even feature second-generation platform screen doorways on all its stations. These doorways were also placed on its northern border South Line platform within the Bishan MRT Station. Considered a novelty during the time of its installation, it had been introduced mainly to minimise hefty air-conditioning costs, especially since elevated stations aren’t air-conditioned, and therefore tend to be cheaper to operate in contrast. Since that time the security facets of these doorways have grown to be more essential, as outlined by a number of much talked about occurrences where people were hurt or wiped out by oncoming trains because the year 2002, all occurring on elevated stations where no screen doorways exist. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) reviews that there has been a lot more than 220 installments of individuals trespassing around the tracks between 1991 and 15 September 2004, which 87 percent were deliberate functions of trespass. Nine deaths were recorded throughout this era, which just one was any sort of accident. Since September 2004 there has been six deaths occurring on elevated MRT and LRT stations. Hong Kong In 1998, the Tung Chung Line and Airport terminal Express saw the first procedures of platform screen doorways in Hong Kong. In 2000, the MTR Corporation started a six year programme to include 2,960 pairs of platform screen doorways at 30 subterranean MTR stations around the Kwun Tong Line, Tsuen Wan Line, and Island Line. It was the earth’s first railway to retrofit Platform Screen Doorways on the transit system already functioning. The project was carried out October 2005. Platform screen doorways are actually operated in 51 stations. The earth’s longest platform screen doorways are situated in East Tsim Sha Tsui Station. Free Airline Rail Line was built through the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) prior to the MTR-KCR merger. Throughout the making of this railway line, platform screen doorways were placed on all of the platforms in most the stations across the railway line. China Numerous Chinese metropolitan areas have began setting up platform screen doorways. Systems for example Guangzhou Metro and Shenzhen Metro have modified the woking platform screen doorways while Shanghai Metro and Beijing Metro have started setting up the doorways for the most part stations. Japan The Tokyo, japan Metro Namboku Lines are fitted with platform screen doorways. Stations from the Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Type of the Osaka Municipal Subway are presently being retrofitted with platform screen doorways. Korea Yongdu Station of Seoul Subway Line 2 was the very first station around the Seoul Subway to feature platform screen doorways the station opened up in October 2005. Since that time many subterranean stations have since been opened up or retrofitted with platform screen doorways. Denmark The Copenhagen Metro uses Westinghouse platform screen doorways on all subterranean stations platforms. The country Platform screen doorways were first placed on Barcelona Metro line 11 for testing reasons before fitting them on all stations for that new lines 9 and 10, which operate driverless. Uk The Jubilee Line extension project saw platform edge doorways placed on its new stations. These were designed mainly to lessen the movement of air triggered by emergency ventilation fans which activate in the event of the fire, or under test conditions. These were also built like a barrier to avoid people falling or jumping to the tracks. The Jubilee Line PEDS were created by Westinghouse. U . s . States and Canada In Chicago, the Airport terminal Transport System (ATS) works 24 hrs each day at O’Hare Airport Terminal. This can be a 2.5 mile lengthy (4km) people mover that works between your four current devices in the airport terminal and parking areas (remote). Each station is fully enclosed with platform edge doorways permitting accessibility fully automated trains. In New You are able to City, the main harbour Authority of recent You are able to and Nj utilizes full height platform screen doorways whatsoever of their Airtrain JFK stations. Several planned stations within the New You are able to Subway may well feature platform screen doorways. Including the 7 line extension, and also the Second Avenue Subway. Automated people-mover systems at numerous American and Canadian international airports also take advantage of platform screen doorways. The Vegas monorail system has these doorways too. South america The So Paulo Metro has one station with platform screen doorways (PSDs): Sacom station (Line 2 – Eco-friendly) opened up in The month of january 30, 2010 with this particular feature. All of the future stations from the system is going to be inaugurated with PSDs, which is planned to become set up in that old stations too. Accidents On 15 This summer 2007 in Shanghai, platform-edge doorways brought to some fatal accident. A guy attempted to pressure his way onto a crowded train in the station for that Shanghai Indoor Stadium, but unsuccessful. Once the doorways closed, he was sandwiched between closed doorways and drawn underneath the train, resulting in his dying. See also Wikimedia Commons has media associated with: Platform screen doorways Automatic platform gate References ^ “Platform Screen Doorways, KABA”. . Retrieved 2009-08-01. ^ “Platform Screen Door Location, Paris – Ligne 13 – St. Invalides”. 1970-01-01. . Retrieved 2009-08-01. ^ Cooke, B.W.C., erectile dysfunction (November 1959). “Sliding Doorways on Platform Edge”. The Railway Magazine (Westminster: Tothill Press) 105 (703): 796. ^ Westinghouse Platform Screen Doorways – Completed Projects[dead link] ^ “LCQ16:Retrofitting of PSDs at MTR stations to become performed by 2006”. HKSAR Government Information Center. 2005-01-05. . Retrieved 2007-06-17. ^ “WPSD Platform Screen Door System – Example”. . Retrieved 2009-08-01. ^ “Westinghouse Platform Screen Doorways”. . Retrieved 2009-08-01. ^ MTA Intends To Install Platform Doorways On 7 Line Extension, NY1, 8 September 2007 ^ Glass walls, sliding doorways on second Ave. subway?, WABC-TV, April 5, 2007 ^ , So Paulo Metro Offical Site ^ “Guy caught between subway train and safety doorways dies in Shanghai – Worldwide Herald Tribune”. Worldwide Herald Tribune. 2009-03-29. . Retrieved 2009-08-01. Exterior links Westinghouse website on PSDs – Includes video of doorways for action, pictures, diagrams, along with other info. Platform screen doorways Metro Bits Groups: Rapid transit

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