Pit stay in Chennai for automotive add-ons

The automotive add-ons have been in great demand in India using the most recent trend of designing vehicle based on once taste. They there fast growing not just locally but they are also distributing their wings across globally. A car add-ons company, involved with marketing and distribution known as Xenos Technologies Ltd, a dress-up costume of Coimbatore-based Pricol Group may be the latest to become listed on the retail bandwagon. The very first company possessed retail store was setup by Xenos underneath the banner Xenos Galleria in Chennai.

This is a 1-stop look for a myriad of automotive add-ons, Now that’s a relief as you don’t need to by various things from different shops. To create is simpler, the shop was created in a way that, items are displayed under their particular as well as for further assistance, you will find experienced and technically savvy authorities to describe particulars to clients. The organization is anticipated to spread out 50 such Galleria, a person-friendly stores across the nation.

The shop is going to be exhibiting the whole selection of items that Xenos promoted presently through funnel partners. Another project they have within their hands is Tint & Professional Vehicle Care Centers that will concentrate on beautifying that old automobiles he added.For that marketing, sales and tech support team for his or her various products India, Xenos has involved in the likes of Nokia, Delphi, Directed Electronics and Photo voltaic Guard. Xenos had also involved in the likes of , as well as for delivering various add-ons for their automobiles.

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