Personalize the feel of your Oakley GASCAN OO 24-296 Shades (Black PlaidWarm Gray) from Lenstrad

If you would like the very best clearness and protection in the world, nothing compares to Oakley’s Hd Optics (HDO).Oakley developed Hd Optics to satisfy the requirements from the world’s finest sports athletes. The advantages are plain to determine. See clearer and sharper without image corruption See everything wherever it’s, not moved Get incomparable impact protection and 100% Ultra violet blocking Two contacts are cut in the curve of merely one lens shield, after which mounted within the frame to keep the initial, continuous contour. The appearance is exclusive. Lightweight O Matter frame material offers premium comfort. This lightweight synthetic is designed for those-day comfort, cushioning and sturdiness from the punishment of environment extremes. Oakley eyeglasses frames are designed for everyone the requirements of professional sports athletes. A vital amount of versatility enables Oakley’s frames to soak up impact. Comfort is enhanced with lightweight materials. Peripheral vision is at the maximum by Abc Optics, an innovation that keeps visual clearness whatsoever angles of view. Impact protection meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. Oakley’s Three-Point Fit maintains the contacts in precise optical alignment. Three-Point Fit which maximizes optical performance. Impact absorption for enhanced safety Optical alignment for sharp, accurate vision Geometries that extend peripheral view

Oakley’s polarized contacts are specifically designed to bar the blinding sun rays of glare which are magnified by flat surfaces for example snow, water and pavement. Oakley polarization technology relies on a liquid infusion tactic to bond the polarizing filter in the molecular level. That’s how Oakley removes the haze and distortion present in conventional technologies and accomplishes the very best polarized shades in the world. Plutonite lens material blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and dangerous blue light. Oakley Plutonite lens material stops every wavelength of ultraviolet radiation in the sun-s thermonuclear furnace, not only the low energy form known as -UVA.- Even our obvious contacts remove 100% of Ultra violet. The look in the left shows how dangerous sun rays are blocked as the visible spectrum goes through. Optional Iridium lens films permit you to tune transmission for particular light conditions. Superheated metal oxides are fused towards the lens in the molecular level, permanently connecting to produce an optically uniform layer. By different the composition and amount of saturation, Oakley Iridium can create a spectrum of lens hues, tailoring transmission from the light with the contacts from 9 to 92% of accessible light condition. Each lens coating is particularly developed for max balance between glare, reflection, light transmission, and absorption. When light goes through a sunglass lens, some wavelengths are reflected through the surface yet others are absorbed through the lens material. The sunshine that really reaches your skills is really a way of measuring the lens transmission level. With Oakley’s number of optional lens hues, you are able to decide to have less than 9% of accessible light achieve your skills, or around 93%. Molecules within the lens absorb specific wavelengths of sunshine, stopping them from reaching your skills. Using the full variety of Oakley lens colour options, you are able to choose a precisely updated degree of absorption that maximizes performance for just about any light condition. Abc Optics for at the maximum clearness whatsoever angles of vision, even at lens periphery. This breakthrough enables dual-spherical contacts to share light waves with unmatched fidelity. By supplying correction along three axes–not only two–Abc Optics keeps clearness within the full angular range while reducing distortion triggered by refraction. It enables for wrapped, raked-back designs that maximize peripheral vision and protection against sun, wind, and side impact. Oakley shredded the blueprints of spherical shielding. An entire reinvention of single-lens optics, POLARIC ELLIPSOID geometry spans the entire visual range with breathtaking clearness. Precise contouring provides the perfect equalization in between each point across the arc of the lens and also the wearer’s eyes. This minimizes distortion whatsoever angles of vision. You can purchase latest Oakley shades from, even more you receive best cost, free delivery, authentic packaging along with a nothing you’ve seen prior discount. Provided with Oakley prescription contacts ( 2.00 through -4.00 combined energy) Cost in India Rs 6,435. For Additional particulars Give us a call on : 011-41084400, 91-9650492827. You may also visit :

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