Personalize Google Statistics Reviews with Ruby on Rails

Our Rails expertise originates from the differing types of projects we have shipped as well as the passion we’ve for learning and also the enthusiasm to stay alongside of all of the new changes happening in realm of -Ruby on Rails-. We’ve the very best Rails designers in India and that we strongly have confidence in adding to the Rails community by discussing our learning through situation studies or articles or tips. Additionally to discussing understanding with these techniques we develop utility gems and share it with all of. Lately we built a jewel for performing surveys and shared it in GIT (). The Ruby on rails team of developers at Mindfire is most effective to deal with any project and application. Ruby on rails designers at Mindfire getting exposure to numerous different domain names too which makes Mindfire’s Rails designers more capable of taking your development work than every other in India.

Obviously problems in later life that the easiest method to prove knowledge of not just by saying so but backing up with valid proofs too. In connection with this please find below an overview on among the interesting projects we’d developed lately at Mindfire. The task within this wasn’t just learning a couple of additional features to satisfy client need but additionally to provide it inside the stipulated time. Which was very short – client needed to allow it to be live very quickly and that we were going to ensure our client’s success by delivering the very best application whatsoever possible time. We at Mindfire take every client relationship seriously and concentrate not only to meeting agreement terms but making certain the client’s business develops and that he meets the company objective in building this application.

The necessity ended up being to create a credit card applicatoin to gather statistics report from Google and set it up inside a easier to use format – that the expert Ruby on Rails designers at Mindfire did inside the small amount of time we’d. Within this application, we done a module, in which the data of usage (report) during the last month needed to be fetched from Google Analytic and proven within the layout. The applying was built-in Rails 2.3.12 with Ruby Enterprise Edition-1.8.7 and contains postgresSQL within the back-finish. The bond continues to be built using Google Analytic username, password and profile-id.

By using their reference to the size and metrics (supplied by google’s APIs), the vista count, new-sights, social-interaction and page-sights during the last month happen to be fetched and proven within the page. For graphs and cake chart, Google chart-API has been utilized. Within this application, for many section the sights-count, time-on-site, website visits happen to be fetched for that current year but for the this past year too and also the data was calculated and proven within the page in graph format to compare purpose. The Geo-Map continues to be integrated within the application, which shows country smart quantity of sights count. This can be a nice interface to obtain and compare the website data, within the site itself, without moving to Google-Statistics.

If you wish to or and want ruby on rails experts help, make contact with Mindfire today – call 1-248-686-1424 or email sales[at]mindfiresolutions[us dot]com – to leverage the strong history and solid experience with Mindfire’s ruby on rails programs.

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