Overview of Spray Tan Solutions by Kahuna Bay

You will find many great brands of self tanning solution, therefore we made the decision to pay attention to four from the top brands this month and review each. Norvell was the very first brand to become examined, so make sure to take a look at that publish . The 2nd question answer style review is around the solutions produced by Kahuna Bay, including Artesian Blend, Awaken, Kahuna Melange, and Kahari Rapid Tan.

Browse the solutions to generally requested questions below and you can e mail us for those who have any extra questions.

So why do you recommend solutions by Kahuna Bay? Kahuna Bay is among the most widely used designers available on the market as their four various kinds of tanning solutions each provide you with the perfect near the beach tan. Extremely high quality, natural spray tanning solutions provide your skin a proper bronze glow which makes everybody think that you simply returned from the month on the Caribbean island!

Will the solution smell? can be found in unscented or perfumed. The perfumed tanning solutions are available in ten different scents, together with a light citrus scent that’s refreshing and never overbearing. The unscented spray tan solutions by Kahuna Bay contain neutralizers so they don’t have the normal starch scent that’s frequently credited to self tanning.

Does it turn me orange? Believe me and also the countless others which use it, solutions by Kahuna Bay won’t turn you orange! Each option would be carefully designed to provide you with an all natural bronze color. The Kahuna Bay solutions, including Artesian Blend , Awaken anti-aging spray tanning solution and Kahari rapid tan spray tanning solution, use the skin to produce a natural color.

Could it be harmful to my skin? No, Kahuna Bay sunless solutions and items are pretty good for the skin, actually the solutions consist of top quality elements that moisture the skin. Natural diminishing and anti-aging elements will help you to spray tan your customers regularly while keeping their beautiful bronze tan. Organic and natural elements, herbal treatments and botanical plant extracts permit you to please the most demanding clients. How’s the bronze color produced?

The bronze color is produced by mixing Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a without color sugar, with Glycerin. DHA interacts using the keratin protein within the surface skin layer (the -dead- skin layer) to make a temporary color switch to the outermost dead layer of skin. DHA was authorized by the Fda within the seventies and it is completely safe onto the skin. Actually, DHA doesn’t appear to soak up beyond the dead surface skin cells, that are completely changed every 28 to 35 days.

Which type of Kahuna Bay is the greatest?

All the Kahuna Bay spray tan solutions are wonderful options, but we’re a fan of the Artesian Blend line since it is a dual color product. The road combines the very best individual aspects of the very best selling solutions, combined with a much deeper instant tint. The finish outcome is an item which targets the tanner that has been searching for wealthy but deep color using the chocolate tone that may cancel out the typical DHA bronze color.

The building blocks from the Artesian Blend lines are natural aloe-vera juice, that is very wealthy in anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants combat scare tissue triggered by contaminants, and environment irritants and also the aloe reduces and moisturizes. Eco-friendly & whitened tea extracts incorporated within the Artesian Blend solution boost skin immune function and safeguard from the harmful results of exposure to the sun.

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