Options that come with IL ACL Coagulation Analyzers

IL ACL coagulation analyzers are made with advanced features and abilities to satisfy the analytical needs of hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinical labs, small diagnostic facilities and health care centers. Produced by Instrumentation Laboratory, IL ACL coagulation analyzers can be found in a several models for example IL ACL 100, IL ACL 1000, IL ACL 200, IL ACL 3000, IL ACL 6000, IL ACL 7000 and IL ACL Futura. a.

IL ACL Coagulation Analyzers: Outstanding Features

The include exceptional and user-friendly features. The main options that come with the IL ACL 6000 model are:

Dual optical channels: for light scattering and absorbance blood pressure measurements

Patient data management system (DMS): provides use of saved results and patient information

Sample and calibrator autodilution

Optional exterior printer: for printing results

Additional saved calibrations

The standard control database during these analyzers can store data as high as ten distinct qc materials with cumulative statistics and Levey-Jennings charts. The gear can be employed in both batch and profile modes. Besides, these products will also be supplied with bi-directional host communication systems based on software, barcode checking and DMS which enable accurate sample programming.

Selection of Advantages

perform various programs including analysis of PT-fibrinogen, TT, factor assays, Protein C, Protein S assays, APTT, resolution of different clots assays including LAC and APCR-V, with great precision. These analyzers facilitate study of samples in batches or perhaps in single and duplicate menus, and supply results inside a minimum length of time.

Benefit with the expertise of Recognized Dealer

Offering convenience, versatility and low maintenance, the different types of the feature-wealthy IL ACL coagulation analyzer can be found completely new or perhaps in refurbished form. Trustworthy marketers provide the instrument at inexpensive price points.

may be the affordable supply of fine like Centrifuges, Chemistry Analyzers, Hematology Analyzers, , Bloodstream Gas Analyzers and much more.

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