methods to improve iPad battery existence

The apple ipad 2 offers excellent battery existence–it survived nearly 12 hrs in CNET Labs testing–but after a lot of charges, battery existence almost always starts to fade. How will you extend the existence of the iPad 2’s aging ? Let’s count the methods: >

1. Don’t push, and fetch less frequently

In case your iPad is not most of your device for checking e-mail, you do not need s to possess new messages constantly pressed towards the

device and have it frequently fetch new messages. Look at your mail configurations to make certain push is switched off and fetch set to By hand, or, should you must, Hourly. You are able to adjust Push and Fetch configurations by using this path: Configurations > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data.

Switch off push and dial back fetch to increase existence.

(Credit: Screenshot by Matt Elliott)

2. Switch off Bluetooth

Unless of course you’re typing away before your apple ipad 2 having a Bluetooth keyboard, it is highly likely that can be done without Bluetooth for some time. Visit Configurations > General and Bluetooth would be the 4th item listed. Set the slider to Off.

Disable Bluetooth whenever you aren’t using Bluetooth products.

(Credit: Screenshot by Matt Elliott)

3. Switch off Wi-Fi if not needed

If, throughout your morning commute, you pull “The Lady Who Started the Hornet’s Nest” from your iBooks shelf, read a in your area saved copy of Sports Highlighted, or play a couple of models of Super Stickman Golf, there’s you don’t need to have Wi-Fi running. To disable it, visit Configurations > Wi-Fi and hang the slider to off. Transform it back on when you wish go online.

Same applies to 3rd generation on 3rd generation-enabled iPads power it down unless of course you are using .

4. Disable Ping

Ping, Apple’s social media music service, is enabled automatically in the new ios 4.3. continues to be broadly charged with negatively affecting battery existence. To power it down, visit Configurations > General and invite Limitations. Enter a four-digit passcode, and slide Ping to off.

You are able to switch off Ping by entering Limitations.

(Credit: Screenshot by Matt Elliott)

5. Keep close track of Gps navigation applications and placement services

Lots of people claim you need to pressure-quit from applications, say, each evening before mattress. I am lucky basically get all of the dishes cleared up before striking the sack, and so i certainly not have the time or even the energy to become closing iPad applications on anything approaching consistently. Plus, it is not definitively shown to me that applications running without anyone’s knowledge drain existence to the large degree. I’ll, however, pressure-close Google Maps or other Gps navigation application, as these do appear to empty the iPad 2’s battery.

Simply because an application really wants to know where you are does not mean it must know.

(Credit: Screenshot by Matt Elliott)

I additionally monitor which of my applications are utilizing location services. Visit Configurations > Location Services to regulate which applications are asking for where you are.

Meta data: , ,

To kill four wireless wild birds–cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Gps navigation–with one stone, simply switch on Plane Mode, the very best option indexed by Configurations.

6. Forget about notices

A lot more applications than necessary use push notices. It is a method for a developer to help keep their application from becoming lost within the shuffle, I guess, delivering a notification that might be helpful or might just actually help remind you that you simply installed that application several weeks ago. Visit Configurations > Notices to show off notices entirely or choose in the list which applications can push notices the right path.

7. Switch off EQ in ipod device application

On its ipod device battery page, Apple states, “Switching off the Equalizer will extend your existence.” So, exactly the same needs to be true for that iPad’s ipod device application. Visit Configurations > ipod device and switch EQ to Off.

8. Lower screen brightness

It is really an apparent one, but getting your iPad screen at max brightness will drain battery faster. Actually, Apple states, “Controlling the screen brightness is the easiest method to extend iPad battery existence.”

To show lower the brightness, visit Configurations > Brightness & Wallpaper and adjust the slider. And unless of course you’re frequently making use of your iPad by the pool or perhaps in other vibrantly lit conditions, switch on Auto-Brightness, which changes the screen level according to ambient light.

9. Heating and cooling

Apple suggests keeping the iPad between 32 and 95 levels, and suggests 72 levels because the ideal temperature. What this means is keep the iPad within the shade by the pool, from locked cars within the summer time, and from heating units during the cold months.

10. Stay up-to-date

Sync your iPad every once in awhile to obtain Apple’s latest OS and firmware updates. Sometimes, these updates can improve existence.

Did I miss anything? If that’s the case, hit your comments ought to with your own battery-saving tips.

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