Meals that kill body fat

In Daniel Reid’s great book The Tao of Health, Sex & Durability, there is a section on meals that -kill’ body fat. Reid has this to say of Weight problems:

-[This really is] Excess adipose tissue deposited through the body, especially abdomen, bottom and upper thighs, because of excessive use of refined starch and sugar, and habitual use of incompatible food combinations weight problems may also be because of glandular disorders, but such disorders are frequently even the direct consequence of poor nutritional habits and could therefore be remedied with similar dietary therapy fasting and colonic irrigations are extremely useful because the steps in fixing both weight problems and glandular disorders, then dietary therapy.-

Then he lists the meals (and juices) to assist weight problems:

*Carrot juice: -raw carrot juice detoxifies the whole digestive system of morbid wastes, detoxes the liver, and balances those hormones, which help cure and stop weight problems: 2 pints daily.-

*Carrot, beet and cucumber juice: a significant characteristic of weight problems is acidosis: this combo alkalises the machine, -thus marketing efficient metabolic process and excretion of wastes: 10 oz/3 oz/3 oz, 2 pints daily.-

*Green spinach: -raw green spinach is among nature’s best antidotes for lower bowel stagnation, that is a standard reason for weight problems consume raw in preparing salads, or 6 oz juice combined with 10 oz carrot juice, 1-2 pints daily.-

*Cabbage juice: -[this] detoxes the stomach and upper bowels of putrefactive wastes, therefore enhancing digestive efficiency and assisting rapid elimination, mix half-half with carrot juice, 1 pint daily.-

Also, he mentions Meals to prevent: all refined starch and sugar, especially whitened bread and sweet pastries, overcooked meat fatty meat chocolate pasteurised milk cooked eggs alcohol.

Well, just proves. I do not think body fat on meat is really a bad factor: actually It can often be healthy for you. I do not mind eggs either, since they are protein, however i do agree that baking food isn’t as healthy as broiling and steaming.

But generally I believe Reid’s suggestions are perfect, and that i recommend obtaining the book (with no, I do not get commissions from anybody for punting their stuff )

Will Mason is author of Fat Falls off, an e-book on health, diet and weightloss, and creator of . The content is definitely an excerpt in the book.

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