M & Q Kids share hat with Art Know

Cold winter, the whizzing wind simple for baby cold, moms were using the kids to visit and try to provide them with having a hat, actually, a hat is another large amount of understanding Well, since Columbia “M & Q” fashion black and whitened children to train mother Miles exist several tips along with you? First, hats and face: rectangular face of those, hats shouldn’t be excessive, when the ratio surpasses a particular height, would face look longer, round top hat arc the very best. Face uncovered two-thirds seed products who face a number of hats for put on, however the depth ought to be moderate hat to manage the one third permanently square face of those, based on the proportion of greater cap shape, the face area uncovered 3 / 4 is suitable round face person, hats ought to be designed like a square, pointed or polygons too.

Second, the hat and the entire body: the body height from the points. Tall much more their selection of hat ought to be large not small, or provides a top-heavy feeling. Shorty women don’t put on flat wide-brimmed hat isn’t putting on a tall hat Gaotong. Third, the hat and also the skin: complexion ruddy guy with many different color coordination whitened skinned people, hats for additional colors, but simple to provide a whitened skin too weak sense. So if you select the colour of the hat, to prevent the colour selection of whitened or nearly whitened dark skin use vibrant colors within the hat, we ought to give consideration towards the overall effect of dress, not the vibrant colors utilized in the hat yellow guy putting on appropriate deep brown, grey along with other colors from the hat meters, to not put on yellow, eco-friendly hat.

4th, hats and clothing: put on and clothing exactly the same color or near to the hat using the primary colors give people a brand new, elegant feeling put on and clothing color hat is within stark contrast towards the impression that lively and energetic put on the very best clothes to put on printing a more dark hat the red-colored or blue clothing ought to be putting on a blue or red-colored once the cap put on a suit, coat, matching hat used jackets putting on apparel, putting on a sports cap cause you to heroic glow. Cap and clothing to complement. Pick the same colour of the hat and clothes are the standard way, however the color drab clothes having a hat can also be not necessarily a bad idea Daihua Li. Simple hat without any pattern of multiple colors having a colour of clothing, will get pleasing results black, whitened, grey and natural colour of the hat, with assorted colors from the clothing is matched. Trim with decorative flowers, cap with veil, many people with decent fit skirt to complement youth casual put on pretty hats cannot be matched up with antique style, otherwise it’ll look very awkward.

From South Korea’s M & Q stylish black and whitened children, the classic Korean taste, emphasizing fashion, unique, simple, stylish, classic black and whitened colored, fusion and pop aspects of color in every quarter, showing a distinctive personality. Creative space to produce unpredicted publicity dress culture and childlike personality to children’s growth has introduced probably the most personal care trigger a whirlwind Kids avant-garde trends.

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