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Exactly how should we last? M-Dredging Solutions is really a Nederlander dredging and mining consultant company having a broad experience of its area. M-Dredging Solutions assists mining and dredging companies in developing and applying effective dredging solutions. M- Dredging Solutions services can help you with all of type of production related and operational solutions like production support or training of the dredge crew. Our well-known dredge operation monitoring software MARPO is made to enchange dredging and mining procedures with sufficient and useful information for that operators and operation managers and attaining productivity and accuratesy. We are able to help in new building or renovating existing dredgers within an sufficient and efficient way.

In summary, M-Dredging Solutions will help you using the following issues:

1.Advise and support in most regions of dredging projects 2.Support to achieve productivity in dredging 3.Working as a consultant associated with maintenance dredging or wet mining. 4.Feasibility studies of dredging projects or wet mining projects. 5.Development and optimisation of dredgers. 6.Training of dredge crew. 7.Dredging software, monitoring software. 8.Dredging components. 9.Commissioning of dredgers.

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