LV Tambour Bijou Charm

Lv Design House has presented an entire selection of fine jewellery charms in a variety of designs and colours. Each charm includes a story behind its design and all of them is extremely costly. But many of them are only concerned with decoration or collection. It is therefore unlikely that i can invest about this line. However, I transformed my thoughts after i discovered this Tambour Bijou Charm for this is both decorative and functional.

Really it’s a watch and a bit of jewellery too. This gold charm includes a Swiss mechanism having a Monogram flower dial, and accompanied with a whitened flower around the situation side. The timepiece situation in 750 thousandths (18kt) gold is decorated with a stylish round flower in whitened lacquer. The gemstone made dial is cradled inside a gemstone-encrusted pointed flower. This Swiss made quarta movement movement clock is placed using a unique flower-formed button around the back. It appears that flower may be the design tone of the charm. That come with a LV signed gold clasp, the time could be worn mounted on a charm bracelet or like a pendant. The charm sells for 7,100.00 $ $ $ $.

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