Lungo il Tevere… Roma 2012!

One of the entertainment and cultural occasions that Rome offers, sticks out surely the eleventh edition from the event Lungo il Tevere (in British: Along Tevere), which this season collects important artists, music artists and fashion shows.

Right in the center of the Summer time Italian metropolitan areas have previously started to empty throughout week-finishes due to the firsts summer time holidays, during Rome tourism industry doesn’t have pause because it is in the actual summer season that- because of the great weather- both Italian and foreign vacationers arrived at go to the city.

The Eternal City is most likely unique due to the historic and cultural heritage which characterize it and which managed to get previously among the European most significant commercial fulcrums within the summer season, since eleven years back, there’s a celebration which livens up specially the city night life: it’s the event Lungo il Tevere-Roma, whose 2012 edition begun June, 15 and can last until September, 2.

The big event is a very lengthy-looked forward to moment in Rome, which each and every year collects across the banks of Tevere a large number of people and vacationers, who find (or uncover) within this period how beautiful the main city is, in the unusual outlook during the forest and particularly around the occasion of important cultural occasions. This season the big event, organized through the cultural association Vela d’Oro, proposes, like all year, many gastronomic and hands-crafted stands, music, art and entertainment contests.

The complete novelty suggested for that 2012 season, may be the possibility for that event site visitors to get familiar with the daily free training courses, by which important instructors and famous artists will train some artistic techniques, such as the freehand drawing (despite models who’ll pose for that artists), the recording, sculpture, oil painting and photography, offering not only practical contests, but even reflection and debate moments.

In the entertainment perspective, it might be possible to hear the background music occasions of Jazz Caf, which scheduled a calendar of live Jazz, ethnic and melodic performances while Fonclea, in the Riverside summer time version proposes rock occasions, giving its stage at bands’ disposal for live concerts and canopy versions in exclusive for Lungo il Tevere there’d be the comeback from the premiata ditta Simona Patitucci and Riccardo Biseo, who propose a brand new recital titled Ahi! L’amore che cos’, with texts by Gianfranco Vergoni.

Corner devoted to those that wish to have a great laugh is the one which will host the -Sarchiapone Show- comedy through the Morinibros comics, from Accademia del Comico di Roma.

Entertainment in summer time nights comprehends also occasions which regard the field of fashion: Lungo il Tevere- Roma hosts indeed, the very first Fashion Reality -Officina Moda e Dintorni-, a stylish showcase around the river banks which is the competition for shootings, changes, casting and fashion shows, that will result in the prize-giving from the most beautiful women in three different beauty contests : “Miss Officina Moda & Dintorni”, “Miss Sweet Size” e “Miss O.B.A.” (ugly duckling mission) who definitely are compensated around the occasion of three open nights.

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