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Cosmetic Brand, just about all familiar to Chinese customers, covering large shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, professional salons and duty-free shops along with other high-finish all sales channels?? L’Oreal in ten years in China has completed an item in the public to high-finish items within the pyramids.

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1996 within the other half, never visited China, Paolo received the L’Oreal headquarters appointment, grew to become leader of L’Oreal China. “I’ve several co-workers with offices in Hong Kong to Shanghai, I told people who I work on L’Oreal, Jing Mei was conscious of the organization. In those days the organization didn’t even Chinese title.” V . P . of L’Oreal China

Lan Chen-chen recalls that employees are behind the counter, a station 78 hrs to see the performance of rivals, customers also, and record them altogether, because the front line researching the market. “Just the option of departmental stores and also the counter let’s racked his brain. Around the counter picture of your building, we should adhere to L’Oreal worldwide brand image, but additionally let Chinese customers psychologically acceptable, too glamorous The counters will simply have someone scare away the need from the The chinese, this scale is difficult to understand. therefore we enter some very dark condition light shopping, departmental stores every aspect of security wasn’t so professional and modern The counters aren’t open. ”

By doing this, once the Chinese consumer continues to be within the era of ignorant on cosmetics, L’Oreal started spending so much time within the Chinese market.

Strategy: build “pyramid” Decade of sword, 2007, L’Oreal Group’s sales in China 523 million pounds, a rise of 30%. This is actually the L’Oreal in China seventh consecutive year of double-digit growth, China became one from the L’Oreal Group, the earth’s top marketplaces.

L’Oreal (China) Co., Ltd. Boss Paolo told reporters, remembering ten years of L’Oreal in China, the expansion process, probably the most challenging Nurse and Yue-Sai no towards the acquisition of these two brands.

“We purchased a small nurse brand, would be to reinforce our brand towards the real bottom from the pyramid cosmetic area of the public.” Paolo told reporters in the L’Oreal introduced the purchase of small nurses in 2003, the domestic cosmetics consumption level is low. Maybelline, L’Oreal was occupied using the The chinese from the first area, and also the rationale skin Vichy springs ensure marketing from the first pharmacy professionals, Lancome cosmetics, riding a higher-finish top place, only in the possible lack of store bought skincare items that energy. “Based on normal reasoning, the purchase will become probably the most efficient way.” Paolo stated, “Nurse to L’Oreal items would be the perfect complement to adjust to a L’Oreal Group’s quickly growing needs of brand name marketing.”

Just 40 days, L’Oreal introduced the purchase of Yue-Sai. L’Oreal Group Boss Ann Gong told reporters: “We discovered that very world craving for Eastern U.S. and worship, which trend continues for any very long time. Hopefully that through this brand for that Chinese and Asian customers in the best items. ”

Two local brands within the purchase of four years later, in 2008, L’Oreal items offered in China are 95% of local production in China, its rate of growth exceeded 30% from the average degree of China 3 occasions , L’Oreal cosmetics market in China, ranking nurse from the small pre-acquisition third to second.

Support beams: the expansion and production

Extreme focus on research and innovation may be the L’Oreal Group, the key key to success. As China’s global strategy within the L’Oreal Group, is becoming progressively important, L’Oreal Group R & D center in China in September 2005 opened up in Shanghai, that is following a Paris, New You are able to and Tokyo, japan, another following the L’Oreal Group an innovative center, concentrating in Chinese recycleables and formulation research and development.

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