Looking at The Akiles WireMac M Manual Double Loop Wire Binding Machine


The Akiles Wiremac M is among the most widely used double loop wire binding machines in the marketplace.

This machine can be obtained with whether 2:1 pitch punching pattern or perhaps a 3:1 pitch punching pattern. You will have to pick the model that most closely fits your binding needs.

Both models include numerous wonderful features together with a durable wire closer, sturdy metal construction, a wire holder that will help you hang your documents, and fully disengageable dies.

These functions result in the Wiremac M ideal for the smaller company that wishes to bind their very own documents using twin loop wire.

Talents / Features:

The Akiles Wiremac M can be obtained with the selection of whether 2:1 pitch (2 holes per inch) or 3:1 pitch (3 holes per inch) punching pattern. The Three:1 pitch hole pattern is made for use with twin loop wire spines from threeOr16″ as much as 9/16″ and may also be used with GBC Proclick and three:1 pitch spiral coil spines. The Two:1 pitch punch may be used with wires from 5/8″ as much as 1-1/4″ and may also be used with special 2:1 pitch smaller wire. With respect to the size your documents that you would like to bind, you will have to choose the opening pattern that most closely fits your need by collecting the Wiremac M.

The WireMac M features a legal sized punching throat and fully disengageable dies. Which means that this machine may be used to punch letter size, legal size, half letter, A4 and then any custom sized documents under 14 inches long. Additionally, it comes with an open throat for punching longer documents utilizing a two step punch process.

Both versions from the Wiremac M possess a durable wire closer that’s designed to accept “C” formed wire spines and shut them to ensure that they’re round. The wire closer around the Akiles Wiremac is controlled with a convenient knob situated on top of the device and is made of durable steel components. This makes sure that the wire closer will close documents consistently despite many years of use.

The WireMac includes a clamp style wire holder around the front from the machine. This is made to contain the binding spine in position when you hang the web pages onto it.

The Akiles Wiremac includes a manual punching mechanism that’s able to punching as much as 20 sheets of 20lb paper per lift. This can be a fairly good punching convenience of a piece of equipment of the type and cost range.

Weak points / Restrictions:

Even though the WireMac includes a decent punching capacity, it’s still a manual punch. Customers who require to bind bulk of documents or have to bind large documents rapidly should certainly consider an electrical punch to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Even though the wire holder around the front of the machine is preferable to getting no holding device, wire binding machines with hooks to hold the wires on are usually simpler to make use of. The hooks assistance to avoid the wire from becoming deformed throughout the placing process. Learning ways to use the clamp style Wiremac could be a little bit tricky.

As was pointed out above, you have to choose whether 2:1 or perhaps a 3:1 pitch hole pattern when you purchase this machine. The option that you simply make will limit the supplies that you can to make use of. Many organizations can choose one machine or another. However, customers who require the versatility to bind multiple sized presentations and reviews might want to consider a machine that may produce both hole designs like the Wiremac Duo Combo.


The Akiles Wiremac manual combo is a perfect option for medium and small sized organizations that require to bind a couple of documents every day.

It provides a top quality manual punch, durable metal construction, a sturdy wire closer and fully disengageable dies. Many of these are features which are crucial in a top quality wire binding system.

However, customers who require to bind large amounts of documents or who require to bind a multitude of document thicknesses should consider either an electrical binding machine or perhaps a machine that may punch both 2:one and three:1 pitch hole designs.

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