Local steel gamers of malaysia hope miti will review current ironand steel policy

It will likely be interesting to gauge the feedback in the local steelplayers in line with the recommendations produced by the Boston ConsultingGroup (BCG) that has completed an extensive study thestrategic RM40bil steel industry. Hired by Worldwide Trade and Industry Ministry (Miti) in lateFebruary, BCG has help with strategies for the ministry toformulate a highly effective mechanism for that local gamers to staycompetitive and become on componen along with other regional gamers among theinflux of cheaper imported goods, growing protection measures aswell because the unpredictability within the prices of recycleables. Among the recommendations is perfect for the nation’s sole hot-rolledcoil (HRC) producer Megasteel Sdn Bhd, one from the Lion Group, begiven a deadline till mid-2013 to record positive income byforming proper collaborations with foreign parties and improvingoperational efficiency. While Megasteel might be elated within the recommendation, somequarters expect time extension given might be stronglychallenged by individuals within the midstream and downstream steel sector.

For them, Megasteel had been administered enough protection by theGovernment within the last 13 many the time had come for Megasteel’smonopoly to finish by means of duty exemption on imported HRCs. BCG can also be stated to become suggesting a far more stringent monitor onimported steel items. BCG has suggested to Miti to formulate a highly effective mechanism forthe local gamers to remain competitive and become on componen with otherregional gamers. Imports in the major steel creating nations, especially Chinahad be a major threat.

The entire implementation of theAsean-China Free Trade Agreement in The month of january 2010 had led to ahuge rush of imports of numerous steel items from China into theAsean region. Many steel gamers believe that the majority of the steel exports from China,unlike Japan, are rivaling similar items created in theAsean nations including Malaysia. However, there’s been hardly any export of steelproducts from Asean into China. Thus the steel trade is essentially aone-way traffic.

There’s also an growing trend to instituteprotective measures among Asean nations to insulate theirdomestic industry from exterior risks. For Malaysia, four applications happen to be posted to Miti sofar. Megasteel in June this past year has set up a safeguard petitionseeking the imposition of the additional 35% duty on imported HRC,which presently draws in an import duty of 25%. The petition was ended by Miti in August but Megasteel had inOctober requested Miti to think about lowering the import duty onflat-steel items to fifteenPercent from 25%. The most recent petition, however,remains status quo.

Cold-folded coils producer Mycron Steel Bhd has additionally searched for forduty-free iron-ore based HRCs import into Malaysia early this season,whilst recently, an un named domestic steel producer has searched for forthe imposition of anti-dumping duty on steel wire fishing rod imports. It’s an undeniable fact that Asean isn’t self-sufficient in rawmaterial supplies because of its iron and steel sector. In Malaysia, rawmaterials constitute about 65% to 70% of the price of production ofsteel. Our prime unpredictability within the prices of these materials poses agreat challenge towards the steel gamers in controlling cost and cost oftheir finished items. Asean can also be among the couple of regions on the planet which are stillexperiencing healthy development in steel demand that has attractedkeen interest from major global steel gamers to improve theirinvestments in the area.

Although this brings about the required upgrade of technologyfor the, it might also result in the crowding together from thedomestic gamers who is probably not inside a good position to competewith the large boys. Ultimately, the Malaysian steel gamers may wish to observe that therecommendations produced by BCG could convince Miti to examine theexisting iron and steel policy made good at August 2009.

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