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Environment protection Unique advantages EpsonStylusProGS6000 new high-speed eco-friendly solvent ink Printer , Utilizing a new eco-friendly “living color GS” solvent ink, the world’s first atmosphere-friendly non-nickel solvent ink, together with a new orange and eco-friendly 8-color ink system, not just to achieve professional-grade color performance, and it has a distinctive environment qualities. At the moment the majority of the solvent ink colorants have a cancer causing nickel composition, particularly produced for this Epson are only able to guarantee color quality, but additionally eco-friendly ink composition excluding Ni. Using the nickel content was zero, “living color GS ” solvent ink, and ink within the chemical toxins (VOC) submissions are reduced, truly non-toxic tasteless, to not stimulate the body.

Bring high-quality high-profit Advertising Ink jet is really a dependent device-producing industry, serious homogeneity in equipment today, most printing companies affected by intense cost competition, growing profits, the standard is gloomier. To flee this vicious loop, with the pursuit of top quality to improve profits like a new development path, as the Epson product to create high-quality protection. EpsonStylusPro1188OC output of top quality lamp film, using ultra-high definition of 2880 1440dpi Print Lessen the look color, particulars show clearly the real character of natural color proofs, texture can also be strong. Meanwhile, EpsonStylusProGS6000 at 1440 1440dpi resolution, the creation of high-quality light film has got the same outstanding performance. This top quality product output, you are able to upgrade watches Vehicle And jewellery along with other high-finish interest in quality marketers, and therefore bring more profits.

Generation Micro Piezo TFP print mind dominate

As Epson’s Micro Piezo print mind technology in lots of brands of printing equipment continues to be applied, so a particular extent, Epson Micro Piezo print mind of decades to upgrade, but in addition for the printing industry advertising overall equipment improvements. The most recent generation of Epson Micro Piezo TFP print mind from the device, the Epson large format printer unique, its speed and precision in the previous generation print mind includes a degree of improving. Which EpsonStylusPro9710 dual-color high-speed printer 5, which printer to print the very first color 720 of every fine mister nozzles, having a sheet of paper within the high light can achieve 32 square meters / hour output speed from the posters. This high output isn’t just in a position to fully meet the requirements of industry customers, more items within the same class the greatest status.

Personalized value-added output for that business

PP-100 Series Compact disc-ROM Print Epson new recorder is produced for burning and printing Compact disc / DVD equipment, it may automate data burning and disc CD’s disk printing, well suited for personalization, small batch manufacture of optical dvds. Compact disc writers, combination printing Micro Piezo Inkjet Print mind, AcuGrip mechanical hands Epson’s unique patented technology, not just in the Compact disc production process totally free from human, and disk printing quality can satisfy the professional image-level results. With PP-100 Series Compact disc printing burners help create and print personalized Compact disc-ROM procedures will end up the brand new corporate advertising graphic value-added services, as profit growth.

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