Lin Chong switched red-colored once the eight known as

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultSeven prancing Yang knife ,bloodstream red-colored broadsword to attract an attractive arc ,to Chao Gai mind wind .

The problem changes ,Budokai Tenkaichi ,temporarily between ,most people are standing and native ,may be the sudden appearance of the several troops shocked ,not react .Spare him. Lin Chong rode to some fishing rod ,pike ,obstructing seven broadsword .

Shi Shuzu ! Lin Chong switched red-colored once the eight known as : Shi Shuzu imperial court in existence ,to battle my siblings in Liangshan ,Chong boy would not dare to Shi Shuzu shot !Please only Shi Shuzu Rao my older brother work existence !Keep an entire body back !Otherwise ,then please Shi Shuzu and I’ll be along with finish !My siblings justice ! Your sister ! Eight then saw Lin Chong ,understood that something was wrong .

If Lin Chong to Chao Gai out, will come across again ,a couple aren’t proficient at .Just before visiting expect system help ,gave him the variety ,known as Lin Chongren from their own .Now ,the variety wasn’t kind to him .

The scene ,become delicate .Due to Lin Chong and also the eight associations, now eight to kill Chao Gai ,Lin Chong wasn’t to prevent ,he’d immediately to Nederlander act ,the entire concept of dying .

If other gamer to kill Chao Gai ,that’s possess a dying wish .Lin Chong only made eight ,people ,to the number of .And lost is unquestionably a game title player . Star Star Village thriving !Know ,now, right eight ,excellent .

Chao Gai ,only in the mind . Dead, and canopy all of the blame for the booty .But Lin Chong this individual ,you won’t need to depend around the .Physician ,Chao Gai is Lin Chong to Liangshan .

.. … To Liangshan … … Lin stated ,you’re the imperial court in existence arrive at Liangshan to suppress bandits !In by doing this … … Gossiping ,Nova automatic speaking generally ,for eight analysis .

Eight static ear to pay attention ,possess a complex surface ,air ,solemnly choice .Surrounding gamer ,also looked nervously at eight options . King of thieves within the poison ,don’t have a couple of days to reside !Rapidly send him back ,get ready for his funeral ! In eight finally opened up .

Lin Chong listens, breathe a sigh of relief: thank Shi Shuzu perfect ! Stated, kneeling lower in eight to some mind ,the Chao Gai to assist immediately ,in many gamer and so the guard ,left in a rush .

The almighty Granville ,nobody dare resistance .Chao Gai safe in Liangshan copycat ,how big the Liangshan leader ,all while watching mattress to go to Song Jiang in the bedroom ,howl .A lot of are stored together ,gamer has lost the very best opportunity to kill Chao gai .

Beam copycat ,Wan Zi position ,eight pinch mountain temple tactic ,hidden within the relaxation house eye .Pay attention to gossiping ,Nova commentary .Nova : good !Chao Gai to create his will .Guan Sheng general, isn’t it time ? Guan Sheng : ready !Prepared to fight ! Nova : good !Begin right now ! In eight from hiding your body ,the Guan Sheng, Xuan Zan ,Hao Siwen three people ,and 2 1000 cannon soldier ,launched in gossip .

Guan Sheng in gossip ,he brought the military to fight the town of Wan zi . Law enforcement stormed in to the Wan Zi city ! The messenger the hilltop to newspaper office .Sorry? It may be !A copycat of chaos .

Herald ,revolted against ! This really is Liangshan NPC hero reaction .Lure one Create a feint towards the East but attack in the western world. This really is a game title player heroes reaction .Gamer heroes eye one vibrant ,in succession to inspire ,believe that the play is singing .

Due to ,around the mountain ,strangely gave birth to numerous fire .Burning Guy Shan be under way within the wild red-colored .Liangshan next ,chaos .Each gamer ,outstanding figures ,such as the Eight Immortals crossing the ocean ,each display make use of all one ,show supernatural forces, or enter or latent ,to Chao Gai is situated to .

Eight play evening of Tianshan ,twinkle ,to Chao Gaichu catch .Tianshan escape operation ,with no specialized Tianshan escape ,but is exclusive in comparison to using Tianshan escape door .

Made to gossip array ,the array ,only three house two ,open house, open the doorway ,door ,departing students structure ,structure .Student house door escape set ,composed of Tianshan door ,open house on door ,composition from the mountain large animal door .

Born in eight in the feet of structure ,may be the beginning reason for escape operation ,left the structure to increase forward, open house to remain in the structure in the finish ,there’s the finish of run operation .

Leave the structure with no property ,not one other benefits, is really a ,sites ,it may take into account the website ,other structure equal to eight occasions ,probably the most appropriate way .Here ,just good .The big array together, is on the move ,simple to use .

But every time to flee ,a matrix ,a range of exhibition ,consumption is very large .This is the time, worth such consumption .In eight twinkle ,his door ,stop two ,a detailed at hands ,a place around the mountain, eight in the door into ,the following moment ,in the door .

In 2 old door disappeared ,and 2 new doorways appear … … In eight as intermittent transport generally, towards the mountain to trap .He isn’t an individual in fight .Heaven, Tsuru Senhito crane clan are mountain tops circling, bringing in Liangshan lengthy-range firepower .

Mike Guang Huarong and shot ,shot lower a couple of bits of bird down .He isn’t skipped ,but the overall game player mounts ,also with the overall game player ,you will find bloodstream judgment … … Eventually ,too ,seamless ,Maoshan .

.. … Came ,labored hard ,seize the tenuous line .Liangshan gamer ,mostly stand .They are hardly any trouble if shot ,credit ,but very couple of grand we ,equine, or to possess a deterrent .

Eight driven into Chao Gai ward .This primary gamer war ,become integrated using the ruins .Chao Gai is dead ,wish to save Chao Gai people motivation ,already far ,present ,much to contend for Chao Gai body and spirit — didn’t eliminate the chance that only desire to participate in the enjoyment or soy sauce .

When eight a number of siege .Fortunately escape fast, attacking mostly lost ,scared when eight started inside a cold sweat ,will rapidly within the gossip people full-scale ,attract fire .Tianshan escape operation on fast ,malpractice can also be many ,for instance :too awesome .

Luckily ,the present presence ,most likely initially in Liangshan, would now like to hurry into danger ,troubled waters expensive gamer .Because the eight most dreaded so addictive ,temporarily doesn’t appear .

Most likely still visit here to trap on the way in which .Race against time .Eight Tianshan escape ,soon they step .In seven from eight diagrams ,lighthearted scream ,enhance the sword, dash forward .

Behind the Black Dark night ,together with him, march forward courageously .In it ,is without stop Triceratops ,Tyrannosaurus, various dinosaur dark night .This is actually the year to eight one occasions to maneuver from the fantasy world assets .

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