Liberman Amir Innovator and Manufacturer of Human Research Machines

Amir Liberman may be the Boss of the organization named Nemesysco in Israel and occupied in manufacturing such lie discovering machines that are utilized to investigate person’s conduct. All of the analysis machines derive from layered voice analysis technology. His company gives perfect efforts to enhance up the entire process of making analysis machines. Ideas check the specialized accomplishment of Amir Liberman Profile: Amir Liberman profile states that the various tools of human analysis are created by his company Nemesysco limited. Following would be the primary abilities of Liberman Amir Company are: Lie Recognition machines: As you may know that to identify lies from lie discovering machines happen to be used from a long time. The judgment of lie recognition machines derive from realizing emotional condition of the person in addition to physical sign. However, convincing the reality in the crooks, lie discovering machines are utilized through the police and also the categories of social security. The ideas of lie detector machines to identify lies derive from the idea of Layered voice analysis technology. We’ve got the technology of LVA i.e. Layered voice analysis is figure around the analysis of voice frequency and state of mind of the individual, since there’s an association between voice frequency and state of mind of the individual. Based on , if an individual commit a fraud has mental stress .Because of this stress the amount of voice frequency from the concerned person fluctuate. The lie discovering machine shows indications of emotional tension by means of fluctuations around the graphical screen. Lie sensors machines are produced by Amir Liberman are effectively utilized by the nations of Europe like Russia, Israel.

Home polygraph vocal graph TM technology: Another new and advance technology of Amir Liberman is Vocal graph TM technology. He’s being employed as the Boss of Nemesysco in Israel. We’ve got the technology of Voice graph TM can also be in line with the functions around the principal of layered voice analysis technology i.e. LAV. Additionally, it works as lie recognition machines. Fraxel treatments focus on critical states from the human mind whenever a person attempted to commit a fraud as well as help in discovering the emotional sate of the individual. This type of technology also shows indications of emotional tension by means of frequency bars. Within the opinion of Nemesysco vocal graph TM technology according to graphical indications of emotional tension. The expert and also the professional of Human analysis also identify ripoffs and lies by tracing emotional tension from the concerned person.

RB: Amir Liberman the Boss of Nemesysco Israel declares that lie recognition machines are efficient in discovering the emotional condition of the liar person through his physical gestures and elegance of speech through the techniques of Lie recognition and Vocal graph technology.

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