Li Bin the small Ju is toward the Xi Yun one GongWife Shi, Mr.

A set of Qiao eyes aren’t seeing Li Bin any more and stretch hands to hold the blueberry wine around the o table of xi a and become which cup wine has enemy ground, the Gu Dong Gu Dong two majors implanted to their own mouth insides, ? of the get empty your wine cup make the table.The Xi Yun plays even though the voice of wine cup is not large, but additionally turned on to is aside from the interest the their recent database gram clan develops, be small small as he see Xi Yun a fuming o face of xi a a deliberation consider as correct of wanting and comprehending the key of settling a dispute the sensation, don’t feel several remarkably, is ah, how someone else, Mr. Shi, say is another businessman, be and set clearly this really is at dangerous of investment also no surprise that someone else xi a the o a couple will act peevishly.The wife gives husband face s the see, this is actually the affair that may not imagine in Somalia, the guy works feeling, where will the round obtain a nv person towards the intervention?However hear some nations of democracies in the outdoors in, the nv person also equally has words energy. The cooperation that Mr.Shi just does decides can’t due to this onv person of xi a to alter?The within the mind the database gram clan develops several Tan Tes wake up, although he does not think that the Xi Yun can alter of Mr.Shi’s decision, however this accident needs to defend, either.**”Cough”, the database gram slightly coughed two, try not to achieve anticipant effect, the Xi Yun essentially did not hope one eye here to him and return Wu to where and fumingly living stuffy air from yourself. The database gram embarrassedly wished one eye Li Bin, but see Li Bin also just at small tinily lock eye brows to stare at Xi of Yun.Database gram the within the thoughts are greatly rash, can mustn’t make sure they are noisy, the affair has not fixed now, when they fought against here, and also the variable of affair enlarged.The database gram hurried hands match Shi to across Li Bin the small Ju is toward the Xi Yun one Gong:”Wife Shi, Mr.

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