LG VX7000 Cell Phone

This Lg Mobile has VGA camera with expensive and rotating lens, video recorder, high-resolution internal display and sharp exterior display, easy-to-use keyboard. It brings together all of the latest trends in technology, adding new amounts of video capacity having a revolutionary rotating lens. All of this covered with the LG trademark slim clamshell design and sleek finish. The VX7000 has additionally refined and enhanced on many functions the VX6000 was missing. It truely does work for example an enhanced built-in camera, bigger more vivid internal and exterior screens with increased realistic sounding audio. It will likely be a success with camera-phone aficionados. However, the phone’s weak e-mail abilities and insufficient Bluetooth or IR support will frustrate business customers

Camera the VX7000’s camera is among the most effective we have observed in a telephone. You are able to take photos at four resolutions (640×480, 320×240, 176×144 and 160×120) and conserve to 200 shots within the phone’s 5MB of devoted photo memory. The Evening mode and also the expensive are somewhat useful in low light, but you can also make use of the 3X zoom and adjust the brightness, quality, color effect, and whitened balance for every shot. Photo colors were wealthy and vibrant, although vibrant light sources for example overhead lights or home windows tended to appear blown out.

Design Because the successor towards the greatly popular VX6000, the LG VX7000 cell phone may be the next installment from the clamshell designs by LG, several commonalities won. From the sleek design, clean lines, and have-wealthy programs and software, to some very obvious TFT screen, and ideal reception. Switch open the mobile and you will find the attention-popping, 2-inch-diagonal internal screen. Equipped with 262,000 colors, it’s outstanding color and depth, which makes it a pleasure to see the mostly intuitive menus. For many odd reason, though, your camera menu is incorporated underneath the Internet browser page. Regrettably, the screen is tough to see in harsh sunlight.

Performance We’d little difficulty talking with or hearing our phone callers, when they reported that people seemed noisy and obvious. We’ve got a bit more than 4 hrs of talk-time around the VX7000, beating the three.3 hrs guaranteed by LG. Our standby there was a time 6 days, falling lacking the ranked duration of 7.five days. The interior memory from the cell phone is roughly 4 Megabytes. Thinking about this is a lot more memory than other phones available on the market, it ought to be enough for average use.

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