LG Prada The title states everything.

The LG Prada is among the most anticipated cell phone of occasions. Its producers favors to it the Prada phone by LG rather than the greater common inclination to title a cell phone within an alpha number series. Although the LG Prada will have this type of title too – LG KE850, but all appears to become quite happy with LG Prada. An Italian Man , fashion designer’s sensibility within the LG Prada’s creating isn’t limited towards the handset’s exterior. A Expensive-based interface, where symbols selectively fades out if not being used states volume concerning the overall great thing about the phone.

Probably the most impressive factor concerning the LG Prada is most likely its 3-inch, 400×240 screen. The handset’s designers have made the decision against any keyboard to support a screen of the size in this small phone. The Prada phone from LG is the first phone model having a completely touch screen based control system. All the phone’s function is controlled with the touch screen save the fundamental call buttons.

The LG Prada not just looks great, it really works exactly the same way too. Integrated camera module from the LG Prada is 2. megapixel that is, in our context is average. What set the LG Prada aside from the chavs is its lens from Schneider Kreuznach. Even an novice digital photographer would know how critical is the standard of lens is perfect for a great photograph. Put into it are top end imaging helps like autofocus, zoom and expensive to really make the camera able to taking an ideal frame of the perfect moment, regardless of how unpredicted. Functional facets of the LG Prada are varied. The phone supports triband GSM mobile network. For customers to whom internet on the run is crucial, the LG Prada is endowed with GRPS and EDGE technology finished with a WAP2./xHTML browser. Delivering and receiving emails with accessories of popular Microsoft Office files and viewing them around the Document Viewer is another possibility.

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