LG Optimus L7 and HTC One V have Same Features

Both mobile phone models, LG Optimus L7 and HTC One V appear rivaling one another concentrating on the same features, specifications and cost. Although, cost featuring are the same to one another, appearance of both phones is very different but stylish. Optimus L7 is fairly slimmer than a single V and it has a sizable display screen than HTC. However, One V appears to become more stylish and attractive compared to L7. One V comes with an impressive look in comparison to Optimus L7 due to its uni-body design having a sticking out face. Its appearance is just impressive and enables the customers to carry it securely by providing grip. Thus, this mobile has upper give L7 when it comes to looks or appearance. When talked about about L7 Optimus mobile, it features a stylish looks but might not impress generation x customers. However, its large will attract customers more than one V. thus, we are able to state that both phones their very own assets, pros and cons.

These two phones are lightweight phones and full of pretty features. HTC one V cost is believed around Rs. 18,000 whereas LG Optimus L7 cost is believed around Rs. 17,500/-. Hence there’s very little distinction between the costs of these two mobiles. Even though the screen resolution of these two phones is comparable, L7 includes a bigger screen than a single V of approximately 4.3 inches. The display size of 1 V is nearly 3.7 inch however the display quality within this mobile is much better than LG. Due to the greater screen resolution and normal display size, One V will have the ability to produce greater display quality having a 16M color dept in comparison to L7. Thus, one that searches for the standard based phone must choose HTC one V. However, if you think that the cost is high you’ll be able to choose LG mobiles LG Optimus L7, because it is a little less expensive than HTC mobiles. Both phones have pros and cons when in comparison to one another but LG mobiles appears to possess upper hands due to its low cost featuring.

Both mobiles include a remarkable 5MP camera that captures stunning pictures and records videos. L7 from LG mobiles includes a secondary camera whereas HTC One V doesn’t have another camera, that is a disadvantage for HTC mobiles. However, One V records videos at 720p pixel resolution whereas LG L7 records videos in VGA mode @ 30fps. This can balance the pros and cons of both phones.

To go over much more about the characteristics of these two mobile phone models, these mobiles include 1GHz processor together with Android’s v4..3 frozen treats sandwich operating-system. This helps both phones to operate countless programs from android market without getting an issue to set up. It’s possible to watch hd videos, play tunes in stereo system quality and play games effortlessly. Both phones include microSD memory slot that supports up to 32GB user memory and memory is all about 4GB for the phone. Aside from these, the relaxation from the options that come with these two phones are the same, which atmosphere the smartphone purchasers about selecting included in this.

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