LG MG 2381LE

Quick for everyone

Grilled food has its own typical taste and many of you may be keen on it. Any time you seem like getting grilled food you need to venture out. You can now benefit from the same taste in the comfortable atmosphere of your house with LG MG 2381LE microwave which will come with grill. This microwave from home of LG is an extremely stylish searching microwave with intellowave. It’s not good in looks only, it’s better still in performance. Preparing food in LG MG 2381LE microwave is extremely simple and fast. It’s various cooking options like fast prepare which causes it to be a really desirable product which may be possessed by everybody.

Salient Features

LG MG 2381LE microwave is available in Epoxy Covered body for rust free longer existence. This product from home of LG is really a microwave in which you have an choice of five different amounts of cooking as different food needs different cooking temps. Additionally additionally you have an choice of five different preset menus. It consumes the energy of 800 w quite high for any microwave of the range.

Probably the most interesting feature of LG MG 2381LE microwave may be the defrost option. We have an auto defrost option which fits based on the weight from the food. The microwave sets the temperature accordingly and also you don?t need to perform a single factor aside from setting the load.


With the length of 485 x 280 x 406 mm, LG MG 2381LE is sort of a concise device. It features a capacity of 23 litres. It’s tactile program panel which fits with only one touch of the finger. The diameter from the turn table is 284 mm this provides you a choice of putting a few things together all at once.

Miracle within minutes

LG MG 2381LE microwave is magical equipment. It prepares all of your meal in an exceedingly short time providing you with the best of food. It cooks food extremely fast and all of the nutrition intact. This microwave isn’t just a microwave but it’s a grill too. Now make all individuals tikkas and bbq chicken in the privacy of your house.


is among the most desired items. It?s exactly that its energy consumption is a little high otherwise it?s a great device to possess.

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