LG always presents comfortable air conditioning units, each are friendly and future oriented. LSA is outfitted with advanced neo plasma sterillisation. It has exceptional cooling capacity.

Key Feature:

LG LSA3MB4NL1/G split AC has the cooling capacity of just one.5 ton. The compressor is actually a heart of AC and also the performance of AC is depends on compressor. This attached to the wall AC has rotary kind of compressor which offer greatest standards of cooling. It features a special feature of four way swing, it enables the environment to spread in each and every corner from the room and provides the faster and uniform cooling. LG Ac is integrated with a lot of features like deodorizer filter- keeps room odour free, Anti bacteria filter-kills the bacteria’s, bacteria and catches all of the contaminants give you healthy atmosphere.

Continuous sleep and energy saving:

It’s unique microprocessor that is instantly designed. Within the evening it elevated the temperature to obtain matched up together with your body metabolic process. This AC may also instantly adjust the cooling based on the ambient conditions. Helps you to give you natural breeze, comfortable atmosphere with continuous sleep as well as saves the energy.

Dry mode & Jet awesome system:

New intelligent LG will make you feel outdoors around using its dry mode option. Ac’s fan works in the cheapest speed within the dry mode, making certain more connection with saturated air, thus helping in dehumidification. Additionally, it has Jet Awesome for top level cooling it essentially works to obtain the cheapest temperature inside the minutes and provides instant relief in summer season.

Evaporator fin type Blue & Condenser fin type Gold:

This advanced ac has special double covered evaporated fin layers anti corrosion and hydrophilic coating. Both of these layers reduce tension on coil surfaces. Don’t leave water surface around the coil. Special anti rust gold fins boosts the performance from the AC, works like brand new one by looking into making condenser surface always free of corrosion and provide longer existence towards the AC.


This model is available in unique matt peach color covered top inside a sophisticated and stylish design on top. The silver surface seems such as the sparkling jewel-like material that is an interesting. This premium beauty can be simply installed in a tiny space, created for low-noise operation also it guarantees a enjoyable air-conditioned atmosphere. It handheld remote control was created in a way that you can control its button at nighttime evening using its special glow buttons feature.


It’s demonstrated that LG LSA Neo plasma air cleansing system without doubt it’ll safeguard your family from bacteria, bacteria, small contaminants, dust, and polluted air. And can work just like a protection sheet between your polluted air. This really is listed well and saves your power bills too by continuing to keep the temperature and humidity at enjoyable levels.

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