LG GW300 – An Inexpensive Luxury

The brand new LG GW300 is perhaps the least expensive Texting keyboard cell phone available that also brings along a great deal of communication and fun features. So if you’re an enthusiastic email aficionado, a continuing text texting freak or perhaps an enthusiastic online status updater your busy little thumbs may be happy indeed by touching this excellent device.

1.As already pointed out the very best feature is its full well spread QWERY keyboard, as the gadget is of 95 grams but its measurements are not released. The Two.4 inches TFT resistive screen enables 262K colors at 320 x 240 pixels resolution.

2.The telephone continues to be specifically designed allowing you to do a range of online tasks. For example, with the preloaded Facebook, Twitter and couple of other social networks attribute the customers will have the ability to contact their buddies immediately with no problem.

3.Customers may also create and share messages that contains sheer texts or images or videos through SMS and MMS features.

4.The LG GW300 has a built-by 50 percent megapixel camera which may be used with the given devoted camera key. Clicking still image and recording videos both of them are possible with the camera.

5.The presented very good music player will even boost the fun using the gadget while you will find couple of pre-loaded games onto it too that will also accept downloadable ones to spread the gathering.

6.The customers may also transfer or receive documents by creating connectivity with wire or without wire because the LG GW300 includes Bluetooth, USB, EDGE and GPRS technologies.

7.Together with each one of these high-tech features, the telephone also offers a properly defined helpful organizer composed of of Calendar, Clock, Alarm, Calculator, Call Log etc. 8.The customers of LG GW300 will gladly realize that the gadget has a Sd card slot which verifies a great space for storage for that phone’s data.

9.The organization has designed battery in this effective way to ensure that it may ensure roughly 5 hrs of talk-time and 384 hrs of standby time.

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