LG choose kindness High-definition multimedia interface switcher Pu realize first the entire Brought three dimensional TV smartly

Kindness semiconductor Pu announce lately smartly, LG electron choose kindness already amazing High-definition multimedia interface switcher Pu use because of its ultrathin Brought three dimensional TV 55LX9500 released recently smartly. LG utilize kindness the intersection of High-definition multimedia interface and performance of switcher Pu connect three dimensional video source through High-definition multimedia interface wire smartly. LG INFINIA The 55LX9500 three dimensional TV will face South Korean customers to place out in the beginning, then will enter The United States, Europe, Singapore along with other staple marketplaces at the outset of May. /p>

Constantly, kindness Pu work, especially observe High-definition multimedia interface 1.4a norm ( contained the actual three dimensional TV form) just launched lately for canonicalization of High-definition multimedia interface smartly The respect has transported on untiring efforts, makes due contribution. Take advantage of the abundant technology and also the intersection of system and understanding, kindness Pu it evolves an entire group of to become highly flexible the intersection of High-definition multimedia interface and product already smartly, from have solution of cost-effective get complicated three dimensional application most greatly range, may be used in most consumer-elcetronics products for example TV, set-box, DVD-R, PMP, Web tablet and cell phone,etc. extensively.

Kindness semi-conductive the intersection of TV and forward finish and media’s interface executive v . p . and at the same time gm Guy Ducos Pu show smartly: ” LG is among the primary clients in our TDA19997 High-definition multimedia interface switcher. Through at various platform items employed it’s such and versatile,be discovered about fully by advantaged of items already. With constant increase and High-definition multimedia interface high infiltration rate inherited electrical appliance of three dimensional content, kindness Pu become, within the first batch can establish three dimensional, make use of the intersection of High-definition multimedia interface and semi-conductive Company of switcher certainly one of smartly. Selected by LG electron to prove our innovation ability in High-definition multimedia interface and advantage status in high-performance composite signal. ”

TDA19997 that introduce this past year 4:1 improve Off-The-Shelf the intersection of kindness and High-definition multimedia interface switcher product series Pu smartly. TDA19997 switches into our prime-performance automatic equalizer again, imbeds 5 EDIDs, the first as well as future generation High-definition multimedia interface switcher stitch works with. Such new High-definition multimedia interface 1.4 functions as design and audio frequency of product pass passway and also the intersection of three dimensional and public image back and manage realize the forward finish compatibly. Kindness Pu Pu authorize test center to provide High-definition multimedia interface to the customer and authorize and support smartly in kindness that card hold high still smartly. More details are available at

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