LG Chocolate BL40 The Fashionable Bag Of Chips Smartphone

The very first time I saw , I’m impressed using its lengthy bag of chips design that appears like naughty food. This phone supplies a real motion picture 21:9 aspect ratio display which makes you comfort when you’re watching movie. It really is stunning screen that provides vibrant color and resolution of 800×345 pixel.

Although LG BL40 is really a lengthy bag of chips, you won’t find any buttons on the top of display as mostly included in 16.7 countless TFT screen. With 21:9 aspect ratio, just like you go through the movies which has exactly the same aspect ratio.

Like other LG mobile phones, is supported with UI S-class which will provide three dimensional cube which you can use to swap between different menu screen. Yes, the LG new chocolate isn’t supported with OS open however with UI you are able to run multitasking. For many people sometimes need some practice to optimize the characteristics.

From the lcd screen, you instantly realize that this chocolate is really a multimedia cell phone that promises a top quality video and audio. Again, the 5mp camera describes that function. Using the lcd screen, it is simple to setup recption menus, for instance: within the right and left hands is perfect for touch screen control button as the middle is perfect for standard viewfinder with 8:4 aspect ratio.

With 5 megapixel that’s also supported with Scheider Kreusnach lens, a expensive and auto-focus, you’re going to get high definition (2560 x 1920 pixel) images and geo marking. Besides, you are able to shoot mp4 video in VGA resolution and framerate 30fps.

LG new chocolate features HSDPA as much as 7.2 megabyte per second and Wi-Fi for the connection versatility. Individuals features will satisfy you whenever you surf sites, improve your status in facebook, twitter or Bebo, download files in addition to stream the recording. Additionally, Wi-Fi surely help make your internet connectivity simpler wherever you’re.

Finally, using the LG new Chocolate BL40, you’re going to get widescreen display that actually enables you to liberated to run the menus and application, watch video, type texts or messages and much more. The lengthy bag of chips shape is actually unusual design for multimedia phone however it describes a stylish smartphone style.

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