LG BD550 Network Blu-Ray Disc Player Review

Are you currently searching for an exciting-in-one device which could play Blu-ray dvds, trendy Dvd disks, strem from the web, and network to your house theater? The LG BD550 ticks all individuals boxes and, is capable of doing spectacular seem and image reproduction.

This specific lightweight product can enjoy Blu-Ray dvds in existence-like 1080p HD sharpness, can certainly trendy older Dvd disks, and supply exceptional 7.1 audio in pretty much all Dolby formats, to let you sense you are within the cinema.

Mix with the truth that her energy to stream NetCast shows through the internet for your TV room plus you’ve got everything you could require in one system!


It appears the primary attribute which really stands out based on many clients, may be the speed where the Netfix media works – practically without exception they believe it’s faster than any equivalent product in the marketplace.

Lots of clients pointed out the simplicity the setup and employ, and loved the chance that the hand held control may be used to handle the majority of the products in your home entertainment setup.

Numerous clients pointed out too the useful particulars which may be seen whenever different switches around the handheld remote control are pressed, as well as the fast response time when being used.

The amount of service partners has additionally been said positively upon, meaning just about any entertainment choice you choose is going to be focused for using the LG.


Possibly the most typical gripe among individuals who’ve used the LG was missing or freezing of dvds when performed. Nonetheless lots of clients made no mention of the it, or even when they did, found the firmware update resolved the problem.

Another problem seems to become the Netfix options aren’t the same as the standard fare and many have asserted it truly is a lot more restricted when it comes to choice.

One more frequent reason for critique is with regards to the long-term toughness for the device in relation to playing Blu-Ray. A number of customers have referred to needing to undergo as much as 3 models just before you get one which functions dependably during a period of time.

Some complaints regarding support from LG are also voiced. To start with, the firmware update needed a significant amount of time for you to download, and next, there might be a long watch for customer care to reply to your request assistance.

It truly is hard to balance the 2 opposites within the critiques from the LG BD550. On one for reds from the scale is customers who simply enjoy it a lot and they are very, extremely pleased. Around the opposite finish are customers who’ve had only difficulties.

The solution? Obtain a reliable supplier with a definite returns policy together with an excellent status, and give it a try! You will probably find there is a bargain to deal with. To learn more relating to this product, visit our

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