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Poetry is definitely a road to spread Personal feelings around the world. Poets from around the globe writing creative poetry. In The spanish language Poetry famous Poet Mr. Franz V HURTADO established fact and also have a different space within this era. His Top rated Poem -PADRE NUESTRO, NO ESTS EN EL CIELO- is really a masterpiece of The spanish language Poetry. Mr Franz V Hurtado is a great citizen of San jose, California. I’m writing this here because i wish to create a link of his poetry to become known in world all languages. So, because of this i converted his poem.

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He’s won final national award of category poems and literature in third position. Here i write his poem and it is translation for literature and poems enthusiasts for all across the globe.

Our Father, you are not in paradise –

We want you here on the planet for controls, they are driving, so that your children don’t suffer more unwanted pests, for the peace – utopian goal – provide our souls the golden dream that’s in your soul, it’s every owner.

Our Father, you are not in paradise –

The planet is shaken, the clouds, it affects. The land is cracked, the rivers overflow, the hillsides slide, which tragic layer its layers thirsty and out of control, covering its path grasses and crimson houses, males, monsters, as saying -Beside me you can’t!-

Our Father, you are not in paradise –

You will find many parts of this beautiful world pained a lot killing, famine and plague. The 4 Horsemen from the Apocalypse and appear to possess increased 1000’s. Find their spawn within the souls of guy without hope, without land or perhaps a dream, aimless and powerless, they undertake hard, weak and hard struggle for existence.

Our Father, you are not in paradise –

Has emerged a breath of sea warmth, that triggered El Nio, La Nia or Mother. And also the land withered, shaking, dry once fertile and incredibly generous persistent, declining for hosting a fruit turning our planet right into a The planet pandora transformed environments, winters cooler boiling summer season and abundant backwoods.

Was this the paradise? Belief -yes- he states. Samples continues to be blue skies of eco-friendly pastures, prolific forests rivers murmuring dreamily inform us that appear gone.

Belief in your soul, yes, still is available. Love bears fruit, humanity develops, males invent, build and heal: You will find many advances and breakthroughs. Hence, proud and self-reliant we proud -We are able to!-

But nowadays so filled with contrasts seen abundant, gunpowder and sword moth and locust, terrorism and hate. Males and ladies leave their houses, open trenches, weapons focusing on, searching for the brother who, though misguided, brother’s remains.

Our Father, this really is my request. Dwells in us. That the love seep in to the hearts, strip the souls from the terrible hate we’ve created millennia ago.

You will find large gaps between effective and powerless. Wealthy are searching for, poor people get requested: Individuals they are doing, they accomplished little. My soul will harden, as though I’ve, little, and when I make my bread, nothing like today. But that appear to be of pleading might hungry neighbor shakes me over. and despite the fact that today avoid eating, I’ve hereunto set my crust!

We do hope you everybody like my this effort of translation and please comment to inform me you’ve some taste of Poems and literature.

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