Launch CReader 5 V EOBD OBD2 CANBUS Fault Code Readers

Description: CReaderV is recently produced by LAUNCH, specifically created for vehicle proprietors or DIYs to identify any vehicle that’s compliant to OBDII/EOBD. It although read/obvious DTCs, but additionally can see live data by 50 percent modes, and perform many special tests. Tri-languages allow it to be operation easily for any specialist. The feature of improving online guarantees it may test new model cars and/or functions later on.


* Display: Backlit, 160 x 160 pixels

* Operating Temperature: to 60 degree (32 to 140 F)

* Storage Temperature: -20 to 70 degree (-4 to 158 F)

* Energy: 8 to 18 Volts provided via DLC

* Unit Dimensions: 126 mm x 8 mm x 2 mm(Length/width/thickness)

* Test Cable length: .9m


1. Read Codes

2. Erase Codes

3. View Freeze Data

4. Data Stream:Entire Data list ,Custom Data list

5. Special Tests:I/M Readiness,MIL Status,O2 Sensor Test,On-board monitor test,EVAP system test,Vehicle Info

6. Code Research

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