Laptops Review-ASUS Vivo Book F202 touch screen laptop

We are not likely to dwell an excessive amount of around the ASUS Vivo Book F202 laptop. It is a cheap 11.6in model that’s targeted at students and other people who desires a little, touch screen-enabled laptop for less than $500. The style of the notebook is powerful thinking about the cost – actually, it looks a bit just like a baby Zenbook – and it is a little and simply mobile phone that you could chuck inside a backpack. But there’s no getting away the truth that it does not possess a fast processor little .

The Vivo Book F202 is dependant on an Apple Celeron CPU, which gives performance that’s about two times as quickly as a few of the last netbook computers we examined almost 2 yrs ago (most of which were in line with the AMD C-50 APU, for instance). You will not desire to use this laptop to do media encoding tasks or other things which will tax the CPU, and multitasking must be carried out moderately too if you won’t want to notice an excessive amount of a downturn in performance.

Essentially, the Vivo Book F202 is a great machine for browsing the net, using social networking, typing up documents, hearing music, viewing photos and watching videos. The screen has 10-input capacitive touch which you can use to maneuver the Home windows 8 Start screen, however the hardware is really a conventional clamshell – and also at 1.4kg, it’s a bit around the heavy side because of its 11.6in size, however it ships having a small , relatively light adapter, which offsets that somewhat.

You will never make use of this model like a tablet – it is simply a regulation laptop having a touch screen. Probably the most you should do is tap on screen every occasionally to choose something, slowly move the cursor or hit an active Tile and, obviously, play touch-based games. We have gradually become accustomed to doing exactly that on these new touch-enabled laptops, to the stage where we currently use our fingers to put the cursor in a particular place inside a document we are editing, additionally to presenting touch gestures for that Home windows 8 Start screen along with other features and Compatible Parts . The screen does rock backwards and forwards when it is touched though, and combined with insights from the glossy finish, this is very annoying. It really works best whenever you contain the screen with one hands when using the other hands to do the touch action.

You will still desire to use the laptop keyboard and touch pad for almost all your navigation, and also the keyboard is not bad so far as cheap laptops are worried such as the Samsung 300V Series 300V5A Keyboard . The secrets feel solid hitting and they’re responsive. Typing around the Vivo Book did not seem like a chore, but we did need to get accustomed to the relatively cramped character from the keyboard around the 11.6in form factor. The touch pad is big (105x61mm) also it supports Home windows 8 gestures for being able to access Charms, moving through applications and discussing context menus. However, its software programs are limited you cannot adjust aspects of these two-finger scrolling function, for example speed and coasting, and that we could not get three-finger movies to work on all.

The 11.6in screen includes a native resolution of 1366768, and it is a panel with narrow viewing angles, that is standard with this segment from the laptop market. You will need to adjust the tilt regularly to be able to fix brightness and contrast issues in photos, as well as Search results as, in some instances, it’s not easy to determine the shaded background behind backed results verses organic results.

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