L’Aplec del Caragol, a festival to determine near your Tarragona accommodation

So you are inside your Tarragona accommodation and searching for different things for the vacation then why don’t you slip to Lleida. Lleida is appropriate in its northern border western province of Catalonia, a wonderful town that’s been the bastion for Julius Caesar throughout the Roman Civil war he fought against against Afranius and Petreius, two supporters of Pompey in 49 B.C.

An urban area when a bastion for that Dark night Templars, within their castle at home of Gardeny. Which has seen many battles its individuals have been affected by them through the cities existence. It had also become probably the most important college cities from the Crown of Aragon.

It’s also the place to find among the worst fiestas imaginable, however may rely on your tastebuds. Currently when fiestas are part of a conventional background as with the Moors y Christian believers in mid summer time or depending once the town or village was re-conquested.

Or another festivals not to date bought on through the misdemeanor of the couple of youths the Tomatino of Brunol that is a great fight of rotten tomato plants, which eventually offers the city red-colored.

Lleida went one for that worst, L’Aplec del Caragol, a festival that is locked in the city in the Els Camps Elisis park, that is around the banks from the Rio Segra, oddly enough this festival receives over 200,000 people throughout the 3 day event.

Nevertheless the event not just includes the primary event numerous other pursuits are incorporated whether a musical concert or charanga music (small musical bands) usually comprised of local people, plays towards the waiting crowds you will find even the popular Catalonia custom of Castells (Castels) is someone that band together developing a human castle, you might have seen this in certain TV advertisements showing bank clerks climbing as much as second floor home windows and offering cheques.

The occasions in the L’Aplec del Caragol are highlights that run up to the primary event and when you haven’t yet suspected exactly what the festival will be it ought to happen to be distributed using the title -Caragol- it’s the The spanish language word for Snail.

You actually finally suspected the L’Aplec del Caragol is definitely an annual snail eating festival, a well known event each year although I don’t believe it is very well digested through the British who know of it, it’s however extremely popular with both French and The spanish language towns living nearby. The big event consumes roughly 12 a lot of snails. They’re usually shipped in from around The country, North Africa and South Usa. There appears to become many site visitors form other European nations remaining in their own and reps including around 12,000 people from the hundred local clubs.

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